Video: participants and organizers of the XIV SBPMat Meeting shared with us their impressions of the event.

Rodrigo Martins (Portugal, E-MRS immediate past president and IUMRS officer). He highlights the talent of the chairs to bring the right persons to discuss the most advanced topics in materials science and technology. He says this is the best meeting ever organized in Brazil.

Marco Cremona and Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior (Brazil, meeting chairs). They emphasize the broad spectrum of material science topics that was covered in the plenary lectures. They highlight the big number of students in the event and the active scientific discussion of the poster sessions. Besides, they compare the total attendance of this year´s meeting (2,000 people) with the first edition of the event (300 participants), also held in Rio de Janeiro in 2002.

Ahmet Hikmet Ucisik (Turkey, researcher at Atilim University). In Brazil for the 4th time, being the first one in 2007, he has noticed progresses of the country in materials science and engineering and the enthusiasm of young people.

Beth Mayes and Susan Curtis (USA and UK, Institute of Physics – IOP). They feature the way that the poster sessions were designed and the good attendance of the sessions.

Daniel Bahro (Germany, KIT), winner of Horiba and Bernhard Gross prizes. Electrical engineer. PhD student. Attending a conference for the first time. He presented his research results on organic tandem solar cells and won the prize for the best oral presentation of the meeting. So many young and enthusiastic people in the SBPMat meeting impressed him.

Victor R. Jauja Cana (Peru, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería), Bernhard Gross prize winner. He has just finished a graduation course in Chemistry. He searched on the web for a conference to attend to present his development of an electrochemical sensor, decided to come to the SBPMat meeting, got financial support, had an oral presentation and, eventually, won a Bernhard Gross prize.

Lucas Pintol Nishikawa (Brazil, USP), recipient of a Bernhard Gross prize.He is starting a master course in Materials Engineering. In the SBPMat Meeting, his first conference, he won a prize for the oral presentation of a research work on heat treatment in steels. He expresses his surprise over the size and internationality of the SBPMat meeting.

And the last words, with Prof. Roberto Mendonça Faria (Brazil, SBPMat president), who says he was very happy to see, in the event, SBPMat growing and young people participating. He also stresses the high quality of several works he saw.

SBPMat in the organization of IUMRS’ international conference.

The Brazil Materials Research Society (SBPMat), represented by its president Roberto Mendonça Faria is part of the organizing committee of IUMRS-ICAM 2015 (14th International Conference on Advanced Materials organized by the International Union of Materials Research Societies). Particularly, professor Faria composes the international advisory board of the conference with other scientists in the world, among them, directors of Materials Research Societies of Australia, Europe (E-MRS), Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The abstract submission for the conference symposia is open until May 31.

Learn more about the conference:

Abstract submission is open for the 27 symposia and 2 workshops of the XIV SBPMat Meeting.

The submission of abstracts regarding the XIV Meeting of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) is open until May 30th. The event will be held from September 27th to October 1st in Rio de Janeiro at the convention center SulAmérica.

Works of researchers and students from Brazil and abroad in the areas of the symposia can be submitted. In this edition of the annual meeting of SBPMat, the number of symposia exceeded all the previous ones: 27 symposia and 2 workshops.

The symposia were selected by the organizing committee among the proposals received in a call launched in November 2014. According to the chairmen of the event, Marco Cremona and Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior, there were more than 50 proposals of symposia for this edition. Thus, it was impossible to put up all of them due to the limitations of time and physical space at the convention center. To select the symposia, the committee considered frontier research topics having an active community in the country.

In addition to a diverse range of themes (nanomaterials, electronics and photonics, biomaterials, modeling, materials for energy, among others), the list of symposia includes a symposium organized by the SBPMat University Chapters, coordinated by students, and two workshops organized in cooperation with industries. The list of symposia coordinators is also diverse, including researchers of universities and other research institutions from South, Southeast, and Northeast Brazilian regions, and from abroad (Argentina, Denmark, England, Germany,  Italy, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and USA).

About SBPMat meetings

The annual SBPMat meeting is a traditional international forum dedicated to the recent progresses and perspectives in Materials science and technology. In addition to the presentation of technical works that occur in the symposia, the scientific program of the event counts on plenary lectures given by renowned researchers from worldwide. In the edition of 2014, held in the city of João Pessoa, around 2,000 works were presented in 19 symposia.

List of symposia and workshops:

XIV SBPMAt Meeting – Call for symposia proposals.

The chairs of the XIV Brazilian MRS Meeting are receiving proposals from researchers interested in organizing a topic symposium.

The Meeting will be held at the SulAmerica Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, from September 27 to October 1, 2015.

Proposals should be submitted until December 5, 2014, using the form available on the site

Proposals will be evaluated by a Commission of the Brazilian MRS together with the organizing committee of the XIV Meeting. The final Symposia list for the XIV Meeting will be available in the December 2014.

Each symposium will receive a fee waiver for two (2) invited speakers in addition to the exemption of the organizers. Every 50 submitted abstracts, the symposium will gain a new fee waver.

Note that it is recommended a turnover at least of two of the co-organizers of the previous Symposia. Also, a diversified group of four (4) co-organizers is considered to be the optimal size. Inclusion of interdisciplinary research and industrial involvement is highly encouraged.

Your participation is extremely valuable in helping assure both the breadth and topicality of the SBPMat meeting.

Thank you.

2015 SBPMat Meeting Chairs


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Postdoctoral positions available at the Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials in São Carlos, Brazil.

Applications for postdoctoral fellowships are invited for conducting fundamental or applied research at the Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials (CeRTEV) in São Carlos, Brazil.

The period of the fellowships is two years, starting in January 2015, renewable for two additional years upon mutual consent.

CeRTEV is an 11-year, approximately USD$22 million joint effort of the Federal University at São Carlos (UFSCar), the University of São Paulo
(USP) and the State University of São Paulo (UNESP), to conduct fundamental and applied research in the area of Functional Glasses and Glass-Ceramics. The center comprises 14 faculty members, including some of the world experts in vitreous materials and structural characterization techniques. Research will focus on new glasses and glass-ceramics and the development of structure/crystallization/properties correlations (mechanical, optical, electrical, catalytic, biological) for technological applications.

Applicants should have a PhD degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or Engineering, and have a genuine interest in conducting interdisciplinary research in an international environment. Previous experience in glass science, solid state physics or chemistry is advantageous. The monthly fellowships (non-taxable) include ca. R$ 6.000,-
plus 15% professional expenses. Travel expenses from and to their home countries will also be covered. The three sister universities are equal opportunity employers and are committed to increasing the proportion of women and ethnic minorities in academia.

Please send your application including CV, list of publications, a 2-3 page research proposal, and the names and email addresses of two references by October 15, 2014 to Prof. Edgar D. Zanotto (