University Chapters

The Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) has recently approved the creation of the program called University Chapter (UC). The UC program at SBPMat was created in March 2014. It mainly aims to gather organized teams of graduate and undergraduate students from scientific and technological fields working in materials area, and officially link them to SBPMat. The activities to be carried out in such program intend to complement the academic development of these students, helping them to organize scientific and technological activities in materials fields, attend events held by the national and international scientific community, and establish exchanges with other UCs unities in the country and abroad.

Know the SBPMat UC units.

First UCs meeting, on September 29th 2014 at the João Pessoa Convention Center during the XIII SBPMat Meeting.

To establish a UC unit is very easy!

  1. A group of students from one or more graduate programs related to the materials sector, whether directly or not, supported by at least one advising teacher, must present a proposal for the creation of a UC unit to SBPMat (Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225 – Gávea, Zip code: 22451-900 Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil).
  2. To be registered, each UC unit must count with, at least, 10 students (graduate or undergraduate), which shall elect a board comprised by a president, a secretary and a financial director. The name of the unit’s advising teacher must be submitted as well.
  3. In order to apply for establishing of a UC, one must fill the form entitled “Creation of a SBPMat’s University Chapter unit” (in Portuguese, Criação de uma unidade University Chapter da SBPMat) and send it to Prof. Rodrigo F. Bianchi, at

Advantages and benefits 

  • Each UC will have an annual budget provided by SBPMat to support events and lectures in the UC installations;
  • Assistance to attend the annual SBPMat meetings;
  • Possibility of assistance to attend events held by the Materials Research Societies (MRS) from United States and Europe.

    • Edilson Nunes Pollnow

      Bom dia, sou Engenheiro de Materiais e atualmente estudante de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Mecânica pelo Universidade do Rio Grande (FURG). Demonstro o interesse em criar uma UC em nossa intituição. Gostaria de ter mais informações a respeito do programa, seu regulamento, dos direitos e das obrigações dos membros. Desde já agradeço pela atenção.

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