University Chapters

SBPMat_logo_university_chaptersThe B-MRS University Chapters Program (UCs) aims to promote students´professional growth, leadership skills, collaborative spirit and multi-institutional and multi-interdisciplinary vision in the area of Materials Science and Engineering and related areas. This is achieved by the creation of efficient and effective academic collaboration networks, formed by creative interaction among the different units of the program in all regions of the country.

With this program, B-MRS confirms its commitment to contribute towards developing, together with new generations of researchers and leaders in the field of materials, the essential skills and competencies to make them productive and capable of solving scientific and non-scientific problems intrinsic to research activity.

Each University Chapter is formed by graduate and undergraduate students and professors from Brazilian higher education institutions.  High school students can also participate in the UCs. The UCs propose and carry out actions to promote Materials Science and Engineering, such as workshops, debates and social media communication, and interact with each other in joint actions, such as organizing the UCs Program Symposium, held at the B-MRS  annual event (the B-MRS Meeting).

Learn more about the rules for the functioning of the UCs, available here.

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