XVIII B-MRS Meeting: panel with ACS Editors.

Panel session “Mastering the Art of Scientific Publication – ACS Publications’ Meet the Editors”


While the electronic age has made the publication process easier and quicker, optimizing the structure of a scientific paper requires a certain degree of skill and proficiency. During this “ACS Publications’ Meet the Editors” event, editors from some of our journals will summarize the key steps involved in writing an effective paper, journal submission, review processes, and post-publication efforts.


Julia R. Greer, Carlos Toro, Osvaldo Oliveira Jr and Mônica Cotta.
Julia R. Greer, Carlos Toro, Osvaldo Oliveira Jr and Mônica Cotta.
  • Julia R. Greer – Ruben F. and Donna Mettler Professor of Materials Science, Medical Engineering, and Mechanics/ California Institute of Technology. Associate Editor, Nano Letters.
  • Carlos Toro – Managing Editor /Journals Publishing Group/ ACS Publications Division.
  • Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr. – Professor of the São Carlos Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Executive Editor, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • Monica A. Cotta –  Full Professor in Physics at University of Campinas, Brazil. Associate Editor, ACS Applied Nano Materials.


September 25, 2019, from 12:00 to 14:00. 


At Sibara Hotel, Persico room (3rd floor).


Free registration is limited to 180 participants. Go the general registration meeting system and choose this session in “add/edit activities”: https://www.eventweb.com.br/xviiisbpmat/home-event/

Lunch boxes will be provided.



Prêmios aos melhores trabalhos apresentados no XII B-MRS Meeting: lista dos vencedores.


Bernhard Gross Award

(Established by B-MRS in honor of the pioneer of Brazilian Materials Research, it distinguishes the best oral and poster contributions of all symposia)

  • Felipe Leon Nascimento Sousa (UFPE, Brazil). Ecofriendly aqueous electrosynthesis of AgInS2–ZnS quantum dots with high optical efficiency. Symposium
  • Lucas Fabrício Bahia Nogueira (USP Ribeirão Preto, Brazil). Bioactive biopolymeric membranes reinforced with hydroxyapatite for tissue engineering application.
  • João Saccoman (UNESP – Bauru, Brazil). Analysis of the optical emission lines from the plasma during the deposition of  TiO2 for sputtering.
  • Lukas Augusto de Lima Basilio (UFAM, Brazil). Hydrothermal synthesis of sodium titanate nanotubes for application in solid state electrolytes.
  • Filipe Rogerio de Souza Quirino (UFPE, Brazil). The temperature dependence of saturation magnetization for yttrium iron garnet doped with Zn, Ni and Co.


ACS Publications Prizes for students 

(Sponsored by the journals ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Applied Energy Materials, ACS Applied Nano Materials, ACS Applied Bio Materials, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Chemistry of Materials, JACS and ACS Energy Letters).

ACS Publications Best Oral Presentation Prize

  • João Batista Maia Rocha Neto (UNICAMP , Brazil). Chitosan/hyaluronan coatings tailored for tumor cell adhesion: influence of the topography and surface chemistry.
  • Daniel Alves Heinze (UFABC, Brazil). Influence of Nanoparticles on the Electrical and Mechanical Properties of SEBS Block Copolymers.
  • Samarah Vargas Harb (UNESP, Brazil). Self-healing PMMA-CeO2 coatings for anticorrosive protection of carbon steel.

ACS Publications Best Poster Prize

  • Fabrício Benedito Destro (UFSCAR, Brazil). Number of grain in polycrystalline hematite modified with Sn: Its influence on electrical properties.
  • Michele Duarte Tonet (UFSC, Brazil). Gold nanoparticles into a discotic liquid crystalline matrix.
  • Jean Felipe Oliveira da Silva (UFPE, Brazil). Magnetic configurations and switching processes in cobalt ferromagnetic hollow nanospheres.

E-MRS Best Oral Presentation Award

(For the best oral presentation of the symposium G “Structural, optical and electronic properties of the metal-oxide nanostructures”)

  • Everton Bonturim (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil). Low-energy polarization switching in La-doped BiFeO3 thin films.


IUMRS Best Poster Award

Gold Prize

  • Nazir Monteiro dos Santos (INPE, Brazil). DLC film deposition as protective coating of titanium alloy tibe using PIII&D system.

Silver Prize

  • Aline Alves dos Reis Almeida (UFMG, Brazil). Preparation and Characterization of P3HT/TiO2 Nanocomposites.

Bronze Prize

  • Felipe Conceição dos Santos (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil). Phase transition on chemically exfoliated MoS2 nanosheets: electrocatalytic properties for energy application.



Challenge “Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing for the Next Century”

Winning solution: Aerospace Structures and Systems Inspired by Nature – lotus leaf.

Winning team members:

  • Ana Paula Wünsh Boitt (UFSC, Brazil)
  • Angélica Belchior Vital (UFRN, Brazil)
  • Lázaro Aleixo dos Santos (UFRGS, Brazil)
  • Priscila da Costa Gonçalves (UFSC, Brazil)
  • Tahir Jankal (PUC-Rio, Brazil)



ACS Publications premiará os melhores trabalhos de estudantes do XVI B-MRS Meeting.

Estão abertas até 14 de agosto as inscrições para concorrer aos prêmios para estudantes de graduação e pós-graduação que apresentarão trabalhos no XVI Encontro da SBPMat/B-MRS Meeting. Além do tradicional “Bernhard Gross Award”, da SBPMat/B-MRS, esta edição do evento contará com prêmios da editora da American Chemical Society (ACS), responsável por uma série de periódicos muito prestigiados na comunidade de pesquisa em Materiais.

O Bernhard Gross Award, prêmio instaurado pela SBPMat em homenagem ao pioneiro da pesquisa em Materiais Bernhard Gross, distinguirá os melhores trabalhos – até 1 oral e 1 pôster – de cada simpósio.

Dentre os trabalhos vencedores do Bernhard Gross Award, serão selecionados os três melhores pôsteres e os três melhores orais para receberem o “ACS Publications Best Poster Prize” e o “ACS Publications Best Oral Presentation Prize”, respectivamente. Os prêmios consistirão em U$S 500 para cada trabalho vencedor, além do certificado. O prêmio da ACS será patrocinado por alguns renomados periódicos da editora: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Chemistry of Materials, JACS e ACS Omega.

Para concorrer aos prêmios para estudantes, basta submeter, por meio do sistema de submissões do evento, um resumo estendido, elaborado conforme template disponível nas instruções para autores. Os trabalhos serão avaliados pela qualidade dos resumos estendidos e das apresentações, bem como por sua contribuição à ciência e/ou tecnologia.

O anúncio dos vencedores e a entrega dos prêmios ocorrerão no encerramento do XVI B-MRS Meeting, no dia 14 de setembro. Os prêmios só serão outorgados se os estudantes autores dos trabalhos ganhadores estiverem presentes na cerimônia.

Seis periódicos da ACS patrocinarão os prêmios para as melhores contribuições de estudantes.
Seis periódicos da ACS patrocinarão os prêmios para as melhores contribuições de estudantes.

Pan-American Polymer Science Conference (PanPoly).


The first Pan-American Polymer Science Conference (PanPoly), sponsored by the American Chemical Society, will be held in Guarujá, state of São Paulo, Brazil, from March 22nd to 24th 2017. Since it is summer time in the southern hemisphere, the conference venue is the Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa, which is a beach front hotel with great service and amenities.

The goal of this conference is to promote an awareness and collaboration between researchers in North and South America in the area of polymer science that is currently lacking, and as a part of this to help stimulate the free exchange of ideas and development of new research and industrial impact throughout this large region of the globe. This conference is part of a larger effort that we are starting to promote Pan-American interaction in polymer science, sponsored by the American Chemical Society as part of its growing focus on internationalization. The vision is for one event each year alternating between the United States (North American lead partner) and Brazil (South American lead partner). The events in Brazil will be organized through the ACS Brazil Chapter, while the symposia in the U.S. will be held jointly with the ACS National Meeting.

While the scope of the conference is designed to broadly touch on all aspects of polymer science of interest to the Pan-American community, specific focus topics for sessions include:
a) Biopolymers and Polymers for Medical Applications
b) Polymer Networks and Gels
c) Advances in Polymerization Methods and Techniques
d) Biomass-Based Polymers
e) Electronically Active Polymers
f) Polymer-Based Sensors and Biosensors

Join us!