The Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (AABC) in partnership with the Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS) will launch the special volume “Materials Sciences for a Better Future”.

aabc-sbpmatAccording to the editor, Frank Crespilho, professor at the São Carlos Institute of Chemistry (IQSC) at the University of São Paulo (USP) and a B-MRS member, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the success of Brazilian research in the area of Materials. Crespilho adds that the theme of the special event is in tune with the title of the memorial lecture that professor Fernando Galembeck will deliver at the XVII B-MRS Meeting, an event to be held at Praiamar Natal Hotel in Natal (Brazil), from September 16 to 20 of 2018. Furthermore, this special volume is part of the continuation of the centenary celebrations of the Academy.

SBPMat members and other researchers are invited to submit their full original works through the SciELO journal’s website, from August 9 to November 9, 2018, indicating in the submission and Cover Letter their participation in the special volume.

AABC publications have no cost to authors and can be accessed freely. The AABC have been engaged in the publication of special volumes, covering all areas of science. Recently, the journal has published articles for the special “Brazil: Frontiers of Chemical Sciences,” which can be freely accessed at:


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