B-MRS member wins the prize to the best Brazilian doctoral thesis in the Materials field.

Miguel Henrique Boratto
Miguel Henrique Boratto

B-MRS member Miguel Henrique Boratto won the prize to the best doctoral thesis in Materials Science defended in Brazilian institutions in 2018. The prize was awarded by Capes, the Brazilian federal government agency under the Ministry of Education, responsible for quality assurance in undergraduate and postgraduate institutions in Brazil.

Boratto´s doctoral dissertation, entitled “Semiconducting and insulating oxides applied to electronic devices “, was defended in 2018 in the Graduate Program in Materials Science and Technology of Unesp-Bauru, and conducted under the guidance of Professor Luis Vicente de Andrade Scalvi.

Boratto received the award in Brasilia on December 12th.

Biomaterials in event hold by UC from Bauru.

Researchers from Portugal and USA lectured in the 7 th meeting of the UC from Bauru.

The University Chapter Biomaterials (UCB), headquartered in Bauru (city in the state of Sao Paulo) held its seventh monthly meeting in the morning of November 19th, in the São Paulo State University (UNESP). In that occasion, two foreign researchers who were in Bauru delivered seminars in the meeting.

Professor Ana Maria Pires Pinto from Universidade de Minho (Portugal) lectured about new concepts for biomedical applications of metallic matrix composites. Next, nanomedicine in situ was the topic of the seminar given by professor Tolou Shokuhfar, from Michigan Technological University (U.S.A.).

“The researchers were in contact with our group and we were highly complimented by them”, says Diego Rafael Nespeque Correa, president of UCB and PhD Researcher in the UNESP Post-graduate program in Materials Science and Technology. “We managed to maintain an environment of substantial scientific discussions and promotion of our group”, he adds.

UCB is of the five current units of the SBPMat University Chapters Program.

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