Victor C. Pandolfelli receives for the third time the ACerS award for the best paper on refractory ceramics.

Prof. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli (UFSCar).
Prof. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli (UFSCar).

Since the 1980s, The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has selected and awarded publications on high temperature ceramics that have most contributed knowledge to the field and has honored them with the Alfred Allen Award.

There is no submission for this award, since the choice is based on queries in the journals indexed in the Web of Science, which are analyzed by a team of experts.

This year, in its 18th edition, the award was bestowed to an article published in the journal Ceramics International, authored by three researchers from the Brazilian Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), Professor Victor Carlos Pandolfelli and the researchers Ana Paula da Luz and Mariana Braulio, besides Analía Tomba Martinez, a researcher from the Research Institute of Materials Science and Technology (INTEMA), in Argentina. Victor C. Pandolfelli and Mariana Braulio had already received this award in two previous editions, and thus far they have been the only researchers to have been honored three times with the ACERS Alfred Allen Award since it has been created.

The award was received by the authors during the 53rd Annual Symposium on Ceramic Refractories, held in late March in St Louis (United States).

On this occasion, Professor Pandolfelli presented an invited lecture on high temperature ceramics inspired by nature.

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