Webseries episodes about Brazilian science related to materials research have an exclusive premiere for B-MRS channels.

vs__cards-rs-----SBPMat---16-07-20--teaser--01 (1)HPC Spotlight is the name of the Brazilian science web series that shows some of the challenges and achievements of scientists in Brazil, through their scientific, professional and personal stories, told in episodes of about 10 minutes. Conceived by Versatus HPC, a Brazilian high performance computing company, and carried out together with Ibirá Filmes, the web series currently presents its second season, focused on scientists from the state of Minas Gerais.

B-MRS’s partnership with Versatus brings to the audience of B-MRS channels the opportunity to watch episodes related to the materials area first hand, before the official premiere. The launching takes place on Wednesdays, in the late afternoon, on B-MRS’s social media channels.

How the web series came about

The idea of making this innovative web series arose in the Versatus team after almost a decade of interaction with scientists from Brazilian institutions. “We know some of the many challenges they have to face on a daily basis. Barriers regarding submissions, financing, funds, deadlines, as well as regarding the valuation of their research,” says Cecília Scigliano, from Versatus. “When walking side by side with scientists and researchers to ensure that they have the most appropriate technological solution for their research, we know their objectives, advances, discoveries and conclusions… and we become increasingly fascinated by this universe!”, she adds.

Follow the launch of the next episodes, on Wednesdays, in the late afternoon, at:

See previous episodes of HPC Spotlight: https://www.hpcspotlight.com.br


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