SBPMat newsletter. English edition. Year 1, issue 5.


Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) newsletter

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English edition. Year 1, issue 5.

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SBPMat’s news

XIII SBPMat meeting:

João Pessoa, September 28th, to October 2nd.

– The deadline for submitting papers for SBPMat’s symposia was extended to June 06th.  Submit yours.

– Hosting options in João Pessoa? See some of them here.

Interviews with plenary speakers

We have interviewed Professor Alberto Salleo, from Stanford University, who is going to give a plenary lecture on organic electronic devices in the XIII SBPMat Meeting. Young, yet holding a career that stands out internationally, Salleo told us about the work conducted by his group, which has been developing a deeper understanding on the role provided by the defects in charge transport in organic semiconductors. He also shared with us his main papers, published in Nature Materials. Finally, Salleo discussed the next challenges and applications on organic electronics, and anticipated what he is going to address in the plenary lecture, which promises to be very informative while mild enough for a wider audience. Read our interview with Alberto Salleo.

SBPMat’s community people

Upon his inauguration as a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), we talked to Professor Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior, SBPMat’s former president, financial director and scientific director. Throughout his scientific path, Professor Fernando Lázaro has been specially committed to researching carbon-based materials: DLC films, nanotubes and graphene. The researcher told us how he became a scientist, and commented on his most highlighted contributions to the field of Materials. Having a great portion of his career developed in the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio),  the Professor emphasized, in his message to younger readers: it is possible to do research with an international impact in Brazil. Read our interview with Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior. 

History of SBPMat

We talked again to Professor Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior, President of the society during two turns in a roll, from 2006 to 2009. During such time, SBPMat held, in addition to the 4 annual meetings, with an increasing number of attendees, the International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM 2009). It was also in those years that the society organized its office. Professor Fernando Lázaro presented a brief overview on his administration, regretted some pending issues (proximity with members and the interaction with the industry) and, to conclude, said that young people should be more involved in SBPMat’s decisions. Read it here.

Featured papers with Brazilian participation

– Our “featured paper” (release about a scientific paper made in Brazil) about ultra-small crystals with modulated shell thickness was posted at the webpage of Materials Today. Read it.

– “A new ozone sensor“, another SBPMat “featured paper”, is among the 10 most read in the month of April at the webpage of Materials Today. Read it.

Reading recommendations

Science journalism stories based on papers published in journals with high impact factor.

– Breakthroughs on molybdenum disulfide lead to new technique and advance the applications of this two-dimensional material (Science). Read it. 

– In a blender, scientists create graphene production route in large scale for composites and coatings (Nature Materials). Read it.

Biomaterials: silk microstructures are produced with photolithography and guide cell adhesion (Advanced Materials). Read it.

Biomimetics: new discoveries on the anatomy of the gecko inspired a high-performance adhering material, developed without nanotechnology (Advanced Materials). Read it.
Materials news from the Brazilian National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCTs).

– In order to monitor air pollution rates, project from university-industry partnership develops low-cost sensors, without batteries. Read it.
Another news.

– New Brazilian laboratory for the development of low-weight, high-resistance structures, components and parts. Read it.

– In the United Kingdom, £ 3 million project on nanoparticles for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Read it. 


Postdoctoral fellowship on micro-nanomaterials, monitoring and processing for industrial application in the Brazilian Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Here.

– Selection of the new director for the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM). Here.

– Call for collaborative projects São Paulo State – Finland on some Materials topics. Here.

– L´Oréal-Unesco-ABC Award “For women in Science” for research projects conducted by young female Doctors. Here.

Upcoming events in the area

– 13th International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies (CIMTEC 2014). Here.

– 1st International Conference on Polyol Mediated Synthesis. Here.

– 2º Workshop Adesão Microbiana e Superfícies. Here.

– 13th European Vacuum Conference + 7th European Topical Conference on Hard Coatings + 9th Iberian Vacuum Meeting. Here.

– 19th International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials. Here.

– XIII SBPMat Meeting. Here.

– MM&FGM 2014 – 13th International Symposium on Multiscale, Multifunctional and Functionally Graded Materials. Here.

– X Brazilian Symposium on Glass and Related Materials (X-BraSGlass). Here.

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