SBPMat newsletter. English edition. Year 1, issue 12.

Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) newsletter

News update from Brazil for the Materials community

English edition. Year 1, issue 12. 

SBPMat news
XIV SBPMat Meeting – Rio de Janeiro, September 27 to October 1, 2015

Chairs: The Chairmen of the XIV SBPMat Meeting are Marco Cremona and Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior, from the Department of Physics at PUC-Rio.

Sponsors and exhibitors: Edwards, Metrohm Pensalab, M&M Vácuo and Quantum Design South America already booked their place at the XIV SBPMat Meeting. Contact for exhibitors and other sponsors:

Go to the website.

SBPMat year-end message.
See the year-end message from the Presidence. Here.
Featured paper 

A team of researchers from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul has elucidated physical-chemical mechanisms that occur during the processing of germanium – a promising material as an alternative to silicon in micro and nanoelectronics. The results of the study, which were recently published by the journal Applied Physics Letters, may be applied to develop germanium-based MOSFET and QWFET transistors, in order to improve the electrical properties of such material. See the story.

SBPMat´s community people
The three scientists elected this year as full members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) in the Physical Sciences category are researchers in the field of Materials. Professors Aldo Felix Craievich (USP), Helio Chacham (UFMG) and Livio Amaral (UFRGS), congratulations on this recognition!

Professors Edgar Dutra Zanotto and Victor Carlos Pandolfelli, members of the Brazilian community of research in Materials, were elected to join the ranks of the fellows of the National Academy of Engineering (ANE). More.

Reading tips

News stories about articles published in the most renowned scientific journals on Materials field.– Scientists produce “microbullets” test and show that graphene is much better than steel to absorb impacts (Science). Here.

– Innovative nanowire networks assembly enables the production of flexible transparent conducting electrodes (Angewandte Chemie International Edition). Here.

– New wearable organic optoelectronic devices are used as sensors in medicine and sports (Advanced Materials). Here.

– We are reaching the end of 2014, the International Year of Crystallography, and 2015 is about to begin. It will be the “International Year of light and light-based technology” (IYL 2015). It is said that, in the same way the 20th Century was impacted by electronics, the 21st Century will be impacted by photonics. Explore the official IYL 2015 website here.


– Advanced School on Glasses and Glass-Ceramics. 100 positions available for top-quality Masters and PhD students. Aqui.


– 1st Brazilian X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy School (EBARX). São Carlos (Brazil). 9 – 13 February 2015. More.– Advanced School on Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (G&GC São Carlos). São Carlos (Brazil). 1 – 9 August 2015. More.

XIV Encontro da SBPMat. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). 27 September – 1 October 2015. Site.

– 13th International Conference on Plasma Based Ion Implantation & Deposition (PBII&D 2015). Buenos Aires (Argentina). 5 – 9 de October 2015. Site.

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