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English edition. Year 1, issue 11. 

SBPMat news

XIV SBPMat Meeting – Rio de Janeiro, September 27 to October 1, 2015

– Until December 5, the call for proposals for thematic symposia for the next meeting of SBPMat is open to the scientific community. The submission of proposals may be made by researchers with doctorate degree linked to institutions or companies in Brazil or abroad. See the call.

–  The website of the fourteenth meeting of SBPMat is already on. Go to the website.

SBPMat University Chapters program

The fifth SBPMAT UC (university chapter) was created. Based at the University of Caxias do Sul, this is the first one in the southern Brazilian region. Learn more about this UC.

The University Chapter Biomaterials, which gathers participants from UNESP and USP Bauru (São Paulo state), held a seminar on biomaterials that included the participation of researchers from abroad. Learn more.
ICE 2013 proceedings

The proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Electroceramics, held in João Pessoa (Brazil) in November 2013 under the auspices of SBPMat, were published online in the AMR journal volume 975. Learn more.

Files of the plenary sessions of the XIII SBPMat Meeting
Professor José Arana Varela share with us the file of his Memorial Lecture “Joaquim da Costa Ribeiro”, which addressed global challenges to the Materials field, the history of scientific societies of such field in the world and data on publications of the Brazilian Materials research community, among other topics. The file is published on our Slideshare along with another 16 plenary or award-winning presentations from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 meetings. See the presentation of prof. Arana Varela.

Featured paper 

A team of scientists from Minas Gerais state developed nanoparticles with “green” features from the synthesis process to its application. The nanoparticles showed ability to photodegrade organic compounds that pollute water. In addition to publishing the results of the research in a journal with high impact factor, the authors are preparing a patent with a view to commercializing a product for water treatment.

See the story.

SBPMat´s community people

“It is essential to be pleased in doing research and believe in the potential and quality of the work,” said the winner of the 2014 Capes Thesis Award in the field of Materials, Luís Fernando da Silva, in an interview for our newsletter. In his doctorate at USP São Carlos, Luís Fernando synthesized compounds used as gas sensors by the hydrothermal-microwave method and analyzed their structural properties through X-ray absorption spectroscopy. In the interview, he talked about his academic career and the winning work. See the interview.

We also interviewed the winner of the honorable mention of the 2014 Capes Thesis Award in the Materials field, Augusto Batagin Neto. In his doctoral studies at UNESP, he worked with simulation of organic materials properties for application in devices. “Let us seek further and further to increase our visibility, disseminating our research, not only in traditional media, but also in other diverse media, including social networks”, Augusto recommended. In the interview, he told us about his academic career and the work worthy of the honorable mention. See the interview.

Oswaldo Alves (UNICAMP) and Marcos Pimenta (UFMG), from the Materials community, were elected fellows of the The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries (TWAS). Learn more.

History of Materials Research in Brasil 

We celebrate an anniversary of the establishment of the São Carlos Institute of Physics (USP) by discussing the participation of that institution in the history of Materials research in Brazil, since the 1950s, and the impact of these actions in the academia and in society in general. Learn more about this history.

Reading tips

News stories about articles published in the most renowned scientific journals on Materials field.

DNA molds to fabricate nanoparticles with various formats (Science). Here.

– With characteristics similar to blades of grass, nanopillars composed of stacked organic crystals promise new solar cells (NanoLetters). Here.

Graphene doubles production of electricity in fuel biocells, Brazilians report in a featured

article on the cover of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Here.


– Review on Amazon about the book “Writing Scientific Papers in English Successfully: Your Complete Roadmap“, signed by Ethel Schuster, Haim Levkowitz, and Osvaldo Novais Oliveira Jr., Brazilian researcher of the Materials community. Here.


In 2014, the Institute of Physics (IOP) launched three new journals in the interest of our Materials community:

2D Materials.

Materials Research Express.

Translational Materials Research.

– Examination for a professor position in the Institute of Physics at USP. Here. 
Próximos eventos da área
XIV SBPMat Meeting. Rio de Janeiro. September 27 to October 1, 2015.
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