SBPMat newsletter. English edition. Year 1, issue 7.

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English edition. Year 1, issue 7. 

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XIII SBPMat meeting (João Pessoa, September 28th to October 2nd)

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We interviewed the French scientist Jean-Marie Dubois, specialist in quasicrystals (ordered, but aperiodic structures on solid materials) and pioneer in patenting applications for them. He told us a little about his main contributions to the field of Materials and gave a teaser on the theme of his plenary lecture in the XIII SBPMat Meeting: he will talk about quasicrystal structures, found in metallic alloys, polymers, oxides and artificial nanostructures, and their unprecedented properties. In the picture, Jean-Marie Dubois (on the left) and Dan Shechtman, who received a Nobel Prize in 2011 for the quasicrystals, using equal ties, both decorated with the Penrose tiling, an example of aperiodicity.  Read our interview with Jean-Marie Dubois here.

We also interviewed the Italian chemist Roberto Dovesi, one of the creators of CRYSTAL, a computational tool for ab initio quantum calculations used in the study of several solid materials properties. The CRYSTAL code is currently used in over 350 laboratories around the world.  In his plenary lecture in the XIII SBPMat Meeting, Dovesi will attempt to demonstrate that today quantum simulations may be very useful tools to complement experiments.  Read our interview with Roberto Dovesi here.

Featured paper with Brazilian participation

A group of scientists, coordinated by Brazilian researchers, used a Helium Ion Microscope (HIM) located in Silicon Valley, in the United States,  to engrave nanometric periodic patterns in graphene sheets, giving an innovative use to the instrument. The fast, simple and precise technique could be used by the electronics industry to produce graphene semiconductive devices, which could replace the silicon ones. The lead author of the paper published in Applied Physics Letters told us the story behind the study and announced that, soon, Brazil is going to have its first HIM.  Read the story.

Reading recommendations

Science stories based on papers published in journals with high impact factor.

– Ultralight material formed from polymeric, metallic and ceramic microstructures, produced by 3D printers (Science). Read it here.

Friction at the nanoscale: while carbon nanotubes are superlubricants, boron nitride nanotubes display a high level of friction (Nature Materials). Read it here.

– New method for producing perovskite solar cells with good costs and efficiency (Nature Materials). Read it here.

– Scientists propose a model for fullerenols structure and are one step closer to biomedical applications (Chemical Science). Read it here.
Materials news from the Brazilian National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCTs).

3D chips may be quick and cheap. Read it here.
On the market, or almost there.

Oral hygiene products incorporated with silver nanostructures: technology developed in Brazil prevents 99% of bacteria and fungi. More.

For licensing: bionanocomposite for bone grafting tested in vitro and in vivo, developed in Brazil. More.

For licensing: Cesium phosphate filter with functionalized nanotubes, very efficient for heavy metals. More.
Book review

– New book on eco-friendly polymer nanocomposites (types, processes and properties). Read it here.


Upcoming events in the area

– 2º Workshop Adesão Microbiana e Superfícies. Here.

– 13th European Vacuum Conference + 7th European Topical Conference on Hard Coatings + 9th Iberian Vacuum Meeting. Here.

– 19th International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials. Here.

– XIII SBPMat Meeting. Here.

– International Symposium on Crystallography – 100 years of History. Here.

– Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Biomédica (CBEB). Here.

– MM&FGM 2014 – 13th International Symposium on Multiscale, Multifunctional and Functionally Graded Materials. Here.

– X Brazilian Symposium on Glass and Related Materials (X-BraSGlass). Here.

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