B-MRS newsletter. Special issue: XV B-MRS Meeting (coverage).


B-MRS/SBPMat newsletter
special issue
XV B-MRS Meeting/ XV Encontro da SBPMat
Campinas (SP), Brazil, September, 25 – 29, 2016

In numbers

– Almost 1,800 registrations.

    – 95% from Brazil (from all regions and 23 states of the country, with São Paulo in front, with 30% of the total registered).

    – 23 countries represented.

    – 62% students: 42% post-graduates and 20% undergraduates.

More than 2,000 papers presented (80% posters) in the 20 symposia and 2 workshops.

9 countries represented in the organization of the symposia and workshops.

8 plenary lectures, 3 discussion panels, 2 tutorials and 12 technical presentations of companies.

12 lecture rooms for simultaneous oral presentations.

43 exhibitors.

– 18 awards given to students.

Messages from the organization

Publication of manuscripts. The articles based on contributions presented at the conference and submitted to certain IOP journals (see list in the link), provided they approved after conventional peer review, will be highlighted in an online collection dedicated to B-MRS. Submission will remain open for a few months (approximately 6). Instructions and additional information: http://sbpmat.org.br/en/publicacao-de-trabalhos-do-xv-encontro-da-sbpmat/

Certificates. Certificates are available in the registration and submission system of the event:  http://eventweb.com.br/xvsbpmat/home-event/

Proceedings. The annals of the XV B-MRS Meeting (ISBN:978-85-63273-29-1) with the abstracts of all papers presented are available online: http://sbpmat.org.br/15encontro/anais/home/

Multimedia coverage

Multimedia report. Learn about or look back on the various sessions on our new site through an account of the event, with photos, videos and archives of the presentations. Here.

Photos. See the full album of photos of the event in Google Photos and download your favorites. Here.

Files of the presentations. In Slideshare, access all files of the plenary talks, panel discussions and closing event that were provided by the authors. Here.

Videos. Watch all the brief speeches of the organizers and participants of the event. Here.
  • Inscripciones para el 26º Programa Becas de Verano CNPEM. Aqui.
  • Post-doc at IPEN (Brazil) on electroceramics with FAPESP scholarship. Here.



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