SBPMat newsletter. English edition. Year 3, issue 2.


Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) newsletter
News update from Brazil for the Materials community

English edition. Year 3, issue 2. 

SBPMat news: XV Meeting - Campinas (SP), Sept 25-29, 2016 

Plenary speakers: See who are the scientists who will give plenary lectures at our event and enthuse yourself. Here.

Exhibitors: The contact for companies interested in being exhibitors is (Alexandre).

Symposia: The list of the approved symposia that will compose the event will be posted on the meeting website until March 7.

Important dates: Abstracts submission will be open until May 30. Notifications of  accepted abstracts will be sent to the authors until July 10.

Venue: Visit the site of event and watch the video about the city of Campinas and the folder on the Expo D. Pedro convention center. 

Organization: This edition of the event is chaired by UNICAMP Professors Ana Flávia Nogueira (Institute of Chemistry) and Mônica Alonso Cotta (Institute of Physics “Gleb Wataghin”). Find the members of the local committee here.

SBPMat news: governance 

Members of the executive board and council elected at the end of 2015 took office on January 29 at a meeting held in the city of Campinas. Meet the scientists who will lead SBPMat in the coming years.

Featured paper 

In an article published in Nanoscale, a group of Brazilian scientists and a researcher from Germany reported a “green” method for synthesizing nanoparticles made of a palladium and copper alloy. The authors also reported that the composition of the nanoalloy affects its ability to oxidize and reduce. The results can be used for more efficient nanomaterials design for various applications. See our story about the study.

People in the Materials community 
Our interviewee in this issue is Professor Roberto Mendonça Faria (IFSC-USP). Passionate about unraveling mysteries of materials through scientific research, Faria made significant contributions to the study of ferroelectric polymers, electronic polymers and organic solar cells. Besides, Faria was SBPMat president, IFSC – USP director, and coordinator of two Brazilian national research institutes. In the interview, he told us about his scientific career, his achievements as president of SBPMat and his plans for the immediate future within our society and in the international IUMRS, where he is the second vice president. In a message to young people, Professor Faria stressed the importance of “manufacturing knowledge”. See our interview.
Brazilian scientist Ruth Kiminami, professor at DEMa-UFSCar, is included in the book  “Sucessful Women Ceramic and Glass Scientists and Engineers – 100 Inspirational Profiles” published by Wiley. See book. 
Former presidents of SBPMat Elson Longo and José Arana Varela are among 50 researchers working in Brazil with more citations according to Google Scholar. Find out more.
Special: Brazilian Multipurpose Reactor (RMB) 

Several characterization instruments receiving neutron beams to interact with matter will comprise the Brazilian National Laboratory of Neutrons, which, after its inauguration, estimated for 2022, will be open to the scientific community day and night, 80% of the year. The neutrons beams will come from RMB, a research nuclear reactor of 30 MW, currently under development. The laboratory will be in Iperó (São Paulo State). See our report, with an interview with the coordinator of the project, José Augusto Perrotta.

Reading tips

  • Lithium superoxide stabilization opens possibilities of batteries with better performance (based on Nature paper). Here.
  • New nanosculpture method for fabrication of 1-2 nm crystalline structures using STEM (based on Small paper). Here. 
  • In the market (or almost): metal didymium is obtained for the first time in Brazil, enabling the national production of super magnets. Here.


  • 5th International Conference on Surface Metrology. Póznan (Poland). April, 4 to 7, 2016.  Site.
  • 9th Brazilian-German Workshop on Applied Surface Science. Maresias, SP (Brazil). April, 10 to 15, 2016. Site.
  • 43rd International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF). San Diego (USA). April, 25 to 29, 2016. Site.
  • 5th School of SAXS. Campinas, SP (Brazil). May, 2 to 6, 2016. Site.
  • 40th WOCSDICE ‐ Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits held in Europe & 13th EXMATEC ‐ Expert Evaluation and Control of Compound Semiconductor Materials and Technologies. Aveiro (Portugal). June, 6 to 10, 2016. Site.
  • Photonic Colloidal Nanostructures: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications (PCNSPA Conference 2016). Saint – Petersburg (Russia). June, 27 to July, 1, 2016.  Site.
  • 1st International Symposium on Advanced Photonic Materials. Saint – Petersburg (Russia). June, 27 to July, 1,  2016. Site.
  • XXV International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy (ICORS2016). Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). August, 14 to 19, 2016.  Site.
  • XV Encontro da SBPMat. Campinas, SP (Brazil). September, 25 to 29, 2016. Site.
  • Aerospace Technology 2016. Stockholm (Sweden). October, 11 to 12, 2016. Site.

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