B-MRS Newsletter. Year 6, issue 4.


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Newsletter of the
Brazilian Materials
Research Society

Year 6, issue 4. May 8, 2019.

Public Notice

The council and directory of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS) are publicly protesting against the budget cuts announced for the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, which may render research and technological innovation in Brazil impossible (…)

Read the full text here.

B-MRS Elections

The elections of the B-MRS Executive Board and Deliberative Council will take place this year. The deadline for submitting the list of candidates to the Board is already open, and also to declare interest in being a member of the Council. Members with currently paid annuity may vote and be voted on. See the complete calendar of the electoral process and other useful information, here.


Featured Paper

A team of researchers from UFMG (Brazil) developed a device capable of recording data in binary form in a two-dimensional material and conserving the data for long periods. With low power consumption and compatibility with flexible platforms, the device points out new possibilities for developing memories for wearable electronics. The work was reported in “2D Materials”. Know more.

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Featured Scientist

We interviewed the Italian scientist Maurizio Prato, professor at the University of Trieste (Italy). Prof. Prato, who has an h-index of 119, specializes in adding organic molecules to the surface of carbon nanomaterials, generating materials with high impact in segments such as nanomedicine and energy. He will deliver one of the plenary lectures at the XVIII B-MRS Meeting. Know more.

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From Idea to Innovation

Technology and scientific knowledge can be transformed into products by creating startups. Nanogreen is a startup dedicated to the manufacture of nanoparticles by laser techniques, created in 2016 in Joinville (SC). See the profile, history and perspectives of this startup and the vision of its entrepreneurs, here.

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News from B-MRS Members

– Former president of B-MRS José Arana Varela, who died in 2016, was honored with a street name in the city of Araraquara (state of São Paulo, Brazil). Know more.

– B-MRS founding member Edgar Zanotto (UFSCar) delivered in New York the Samuel R. Scholes Award Lecture, a yearly award of Alfred University to world-renowned vitreous materials researchers. Know more.

– B-MRS member Victor C. Pandolfelli (UFSCar) is co-author of the 2017-2018 best paper of the Journal of the European Ceramic Society. Know more.

– Former B-MRS president Elson Longo (CDMF-UFSCar) and B-MRS member Camila Cristina de Foggi (Unesp) are co-authors of an article that is among the most read 100 papers of Scientific Reports in 2018 in the area of materials. Know more.

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XVIII B-MRS Meeting (Balneário Camboriú, SC, Brazil, September 22 – 26, 2019)

Website: www.sbpmat.org.br/18encontro/

Abstract submission: extended until May 10.

Abstract submission. The submission of abstracts is open until May 10. Approval, modification, or rejection notifications will be sent by May 31. Final notices for abstracts needing modification will be sent by June 21. See instructions for authors, here.

Location of the event opening. The opening ceremony, the memorial lecture and the welcome cocktail will be held on September 22 (Sunday) at the Cristo Luz complex, one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Know the place, here.

Event party. The party will be held in the lounge of the Green Valley, a prominent nightclub. Learn more about Green Valley here. The party will feature the striking Brothers band. Watch the Brothers, here.

Host city. Balneário Camboriú (SC) is an important tourist destination that offers urban and wild beaches, ecotourism and adventure sports, boat trips, bicycles and cable cars – all within a unique landscape that combines mountains, sea and skyscrapers. The visitor has access to many options of gastronomy, lodging and shopping, as well as the bustling nightlife that stands out in the Brazilian scenario.

Symposia. 23 symposia proposed by the international scientific community compose this edition of the event. See the symposia list, here.

Student awards. To participate in the Bernhard Gross Award, authors must submit an extended abstract by July 11 in addition to the conventional abstract. Learn more, aqui.

Registration. Registration is now open. More information, aqui.

Venue. The meeting will be held in the delightful Balneário Camboriú at the Hotel Sibara Flat & Conventions, located in the center of the city, close to many hotels, restaurants and shops, and only 100 meters from the sea. More information, here.

Memorial Lecture. The traditional Memorial Lecture Joaquim da Costa Ribeiro will be given by Professor Yvonne Primerano Mascarenhas (IFSC – USP). Know more about the speaker.

Plenary lectures. Leading scientists from institutions in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States will deliver plenary talks on cutting-edge issues at the event. There will also be a plenary session by the Brazilian scientist Antônio José Roque da Silva, director of CNPEM and the Sirius project (new Synchrotron Light Lab). Learn more about the plenary sessions, here.

Organization. The chair of the event is Professor Ivan Helmuth Bechtold (Physics Department of UFSC) and the co-chair is Professor Hugo Gallardo (Department of Chemistry of UFSC). The program committee is formed by professors Iêda dos Santos (UFPB), José Antônio Eiras (UFSCar), Marta Rosso Dotto (UFSC) and Mônica Cotta (Unicamp). Get to know all the organizers, here.

Exhibitors and sponsors. 38 companies have already confirmed their participation in the event. Those interested in sponsoring/support can contact Alexandre at the e-mail comercial@sbpmat.org.br.


– Open tenure track assistant professor position at the Physics Department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). Know more.

– Admission Process to the Graduate Program in Physics of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (PPGFSC/UFSC). Know more.


I Simpósio de Pesquisa e Inovação em Materiais Funcionais. São Carlos, SP (Brazil). May 23 – 24, 2019. Site.

2019 E-MRS Spring Meeting and IUMRS – ICAM. Nice (France). May 27 – 31, 2019. Site.

20th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (ISIC). Campinas, SP (Brazil). June 2 – 6, 2019. Site.

10th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2019). Singapore. June 23 – 28, 2019. Site.

X Método Rietveld. Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). July 8 – 12, 2019. Site.

20th International Sol-Gel Conference. Saint Petersburg (Russia). August 25 – 30, 2019. Site.

21st Materials Research Society of Serbia Annual Conference (YUCOMAT 2019) and 11th IISS World Round Table Conference on Sintering (WRTCS 2019). Herceg Novi (Montenegro). September 2 – 6, 2019. Site.

XVIII B-MRS Meeting. Balneário Camboriú, SC (Brazil). September 22 – 26, 2019. Site.

XL CBRAVIC (Brazilian Congress on Vacuum Applications in Industry and Science). October 7 – 11, 2019. Site.

XII Brazilian Symposium on Glass and Related Materials. Lavras, MG (Brazil). October 22 – 25, 2019. Site.

19th Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics. Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). November 18 – 22, 2019. Site.

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