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English edition. Year 1, issue 3.

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SBPMat’s news

XIII SBPMat meeting:

João Pessoa, September 28th, to October 2nd.

  • Abstracts submission up to May 23rd.
  • Notification of the accepted abstracts: July 15th.
  • Early registration up to August 15th.
  • Pay attention to the instructions for authors, in order to know how to submit papers to symposia and apply for the Bernhard Gross Award. Here.

Go to the website of the XIII SBPMat Meeting, English version.

University Chapters

The UC program from SBPMat was launched. Students may form organized groups linked to the society to organize lectures and other activities related to Science and Technology, attend events, enter in exchange programs etc, counting with an annual budget and financial support. The application form is already available. See it.

Featured paper with Brazilian participation

This month, we highlight a communication published by Nanoscale and prepared by research groups in Brazil with partners from Spain and France. The scientists assembled sensors based on nanorods of silver tungstate and assessed their performance to detect ozone – a gas that, above certain amounts, is harmful to health. Silver tungstate has proved to be a great material to be used in ozone sensors. Read the story.

(To suggest papers with Materials focus with Brazilian participation published in high impact journals for this section of our newsletter contact

SBPMat’s community people

We spoked with scientist Sergio Mascarenhas, known in our community for creating, in 1970, the first course of Materials Engineering of Latin America. Mascarenhas has provided important contributions to the field of Materials, as his studies with ionic crystals, used in optical memories. He also went further, though, and guided by the idea of fulfilling the social role of the scientist, accomplished achievements permeating fields as Biology, Medicine and Farming. The 85 year old scientist is currently concerned with encouraging the youth to develop some frontier subjects he considers very important for human kind, complex systems and biomimetics.

Read our interview with Sergio Mascarenhas.

History of SBPMat

We started a series of interviews with former SBPMat presidents on the work of the successive directory boards of our Society. In the interview with Guillermo Solórzano, read which were the main actions, challenges and pending issues of the founding board (2001-2003), the highlights of the first SBPMat meetings and more. Here.

Reading recommendations

Science journalism stories based on papers published in journals with high impact factor.

  • Nanoparticles of platinum and nickel, eroded on the inside, form a nanoframe with optimized design for electrocatalysis (based on paper from Science). Here.
  • Graphene membranes desalinize water in subnanometric scale (based on paper from Science). Here.
  • In addition to produce electricity from the sun, perovskite-based material emit light of various colors (based on paper from Nature Materials). Here.
  • New technique to produce graphene membranes for monolayer and multilayer filters (based on paper from Nano Letters). Here.
  • New biomaterial: gel contracts when subject to the temperature of the human body and lead steam cells to start the formation of teeth (based on paper from Advanced Materials). Here.
  • Drug delivery system for patients with glaucoma: nanodiamonds in contact lenses (based on paper from ACS Nano). Here.
  • Bacteria in liquid crystal interact and form new material applicable in Biomedicine. View text and video (based on article from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). Here.

Books, presentations, multimedia material, etc.

  • Review of book on nanomaterials and Tissue Engineering. Here. 

Materials news from the Brazilian National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCTs).

  • Metallic compounds developed in INCT Redoxoma display potential anti-tumor and anti-parasitic action. Here. 


  • Postdoc in the United States on perovskite or organic semiconductors via Science Without Borders program. Here.

  • Postdoc in multiferroic materials and functional devices in Universidade Estadual de Maringá (Brazil). Here.
  • Postdoc in materials for Photonics in Universidade Estadual de Maringá (Brazil). Here. 

Upcoming events in the area.

  • VI Curso do Método Rietveld de Refinamento de Estrutura. Here.
  • 10º Encontro Brasileiro sobre Adsorção. Here.
  • 9th Ibero-American Conference on Membrane Science and Technology (CITEM 2014). Here.
  • 13th International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies (CIMTEC 2014). Here.
  • 1st International Conference on Polyol Mediated Synthesis. Here.
  • 13th European Vacuum Conference + 7th European Topical Conference on Hard Coatings + 9th Iberian Vacuum Meeting. Here.
  • 19th International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials. Here.
  • XIII SBPMat Meeting. Here.
  • MM&FGM 2014 – 13th International Symposium on Multiscale, Multifunctional and Functionally Graded Materials. Here.
  • X Brazilian Symposium on Glass and Related Materials (X-BraSGlass). Here.
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