Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing for the Next Century (new activity in the XVII B-MRS Meeting).

Dear SBPMatians,

A new exciting activity will be held in this conference edition:

The “Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing for the Next Century” challenge.

The challenge is open to all participants registered as student, but attention: Only fifty students will be accepted for participation, and students interested must physically register for a lottery at the Boeing Booth prior to 17:00 on Monday (17/09). Students selected for participation will receive a notification email by 19:00 on Monday (17/09).

The challenge will begin at Tuesday (18/09) at 12:20pm, during a mandatory one and a half hour session from 12:20 – 13:50. All participants must be present. At that time, the Technical Challenge(s) will be revealed.

Teams will then have 24 hours to address technical challenges, and provide creative solutions.

On Wednesday, (19/09), at 12:00pm, the Challenge will close, and teams will divulge creative solutions.

Lunchboxes will be distributed to participants on both days.

Winning team(s) will be announced during the closing ceremony (Sept. 20).

PREPARE TO TAKE PART OF THE AEROSPACE MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING FOR THE NEXT CENTURY CHALLENGE!! See you at the Boeing Booth for Registration, prior to Monday (17/09) at 17:00.