B-MRS becomes a sister society of IEEE Magnetics Society.

Representatives of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS) and IEEE Magnetics Society met on March 1st to formalize an agreement between the two scientific societies. At the meeting, which was held online, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the aim of promoting the exchange and dissemination of technical information and encouraging the cooperation among the members of the societies. In this way, B-MRS became a sister society of IEEE Magnetics Society.

“We are constantly looking for international partnerships in order to expand opportunities for our materials community”, says Mônica Cotta (UNICAMP), B-MRS President. “The agreement with IEEE Magnetics Society confirms the excellent work carried out by researchers in magnetism and related areas in Brazil, who should benefit from increased cooperation with our new sister society,” she adds.

“Brazil is a global player in magnetic materials, being a producer of special magnetic materials and owner of large reserves of important raw materials, such as iron, silicon, niobium and rare earths”, contextualizes Rubem Sommer (CBPF), B-MRS Scientific Director.

According to him, the recently signed agreement is a natural evolution of the collaborations that have been taking place through events organized by members of both societies, such as the symposia held within the B-MRS annual meetings, among other actions.

“The evolution of these activities resulted in the ongoing partnership between B-MRS and the IEEE Magnetics Society to hold the INTERMAG 2024 conference in Rio de Janeiro from May 5 to 10, 2024”, announces Sommer.

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Print of the online meeting with all the participants: Prof. Min-fu Hsie (IEEE MS International Relations Coordinator), Veronica Savignano (B-MRS Communications Manager), Prof. Angela B. Klautau (B-MRS Scientific Director), Prof. Monica Cotta (B-MRS President), Prof. Rubem Sommer (B-MRS Scientific Director), Prof. Atsufumi Hiroata (IEEE MS President), Prof. Masahiro Yamaguchi (IEEE MS Past President), and Prof. Ivan H. Bechtold (B-MRS Director of Administration and Finance).


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