Online XIX B-MRS Meeting + IUMRS ICEM 2021. Message from the chairman.

Dear Colleagues

We are happy to announce that we’ve just released the list of symposia that will be held at the XIX B-MRS and IUMRS-ICEM 2021. A total of 24 symposia were selected, covering areas ranging from Biomaterials to Electronic Structure Calculations.

Besides these exciting symposia, that will count with invited speakers and oral and poster presentations, we will also have seven Plenary speakers:

logo_560-Alex Zunger (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
-Edson Leite (LNNano, Brazil)
-Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
-John Rogers (Northwestern University, USA)
-Luisa Torsi (Università degli Studi di Bari “A. Moro”, Italy)
-Tao Deng (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China)
-Thuc-Quyen Nguyen (University of California Santa Barbara, USA).

The Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Cid Bartolomeu de Araújo (UFPE, Brazil).

Owing to the uncertainties brought to us by the COVID pandemic, this year our conferences will be held online, from August 30th until September 3rd. The B-MRS is the largest conference in the area of Materials Science in Latin America, and we believe that the online meeting will bring the possibility to even larger participation.

It will be our great pleasure to welcome you all to the virtual XIX B-MRS and 2021 ICEM meetings next August/September ONLINE.

Stay well and take care,

Gustavo Dalpian
Conference Chair


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