Year-end message from SBPMat’s President.

Dear members of the Brazilian Material Research Society (SBPMat),

This year-end message is, above all else, an appreciation of everyone who has contributed to the major progress of the materials research in Brazil, as well as to SBPMat’s development and strengthening.

2014 was another year of achievements and accomplishments for SBPMat. The event held in João Pessoa was a great proof of that. There were over 2,000 papers registered, with huge attendance rates in all symposia, and a high portion of young researchers and students.  The participation was remarkable, both numerically and in terms of quality; the internationalization degree was another highlight of the event. We could not forget to express our gratitude to Professors Iêda Maria Garcia dos Santos and Severino Jackson Guedes de Lima, in recognition for the excellent work they performed by organizing the 2014 SBPMat Meeting.

The release of the document “Science Impact – Materials research in Brazil” was another great achievement for SBPMat in this year of 2014, in addition to the progress of the “University Chapters” program, which has been coordinated by Professor Rodrigo Fernando Bianchi. In these activities, as in all others, there was always the invaluable contribution of the entire SBPMat Directors and Counselors. The success of the SPBMat Newsletter, conducted so efficiently, proves the increasing interest in SBPMat, both in Brazil and abroad.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a 2015 full of accomplishments and success.




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