B-MRS Newsletter. Year 6, issue 1.


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Newsletter of the
Brazilian Materials
Research Society

Year 6, issue 1. February 6, 2019.

Featured Paper

A Brazilian scientific team used nanoclays to eliminate the toxicity of luminescent iridium compounds. The scientists have thus generated a new nanomaterial that can be used, for example, for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or for studying living organisms. The discovery, which has been reported in Applied Materials & Interfaces, opens up possibilities for developing other materials and applications. Know more.

nanodiscos luminescentes

Featured Scientist

We interviewed Prof. Daniel Ugarte (IFGW-UNICAMP). He told us how some important moments of his scientific career happened, beginning with the genesis in childhood, and including the history of some of his main discoveries (nano-onions of fullerene, nanotube electrons source, gold nanowires), which were published in journals such as Nature, Science, PRL. The scientist also shared with us his critical view of a certain way of making science and of evaluating scientific production. See the interview.

Paella_Ugarte news

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XVIII B-MRS Meeting/ Encontro da SBPMat
(Balneário Camboriú, SC, Brazil, September 22 – 26, 2019)

Website: www.sbpmat.org.br/18encontro/

Abstract submission. The submission of abstracts is open until April 15. Approval, modification, or rejection notifications will be sent by May 31. Final notices for abstracts needing modification will be sent by June 21. See instructions for authors, here.

Symposia. 23 symposia proposed by the international scientific community were approved by the organization and comprise this edition of the event. See the symposia list, here.

Student awards. To participate in the Bernhard Gross Award, authors must submit an extended abstract by July 11 in addition to the conventional abstract. Learn more, here.

Registrations. Registration is now open. More information, here.

Venue. The meeting will be held in the delightful Balneário Camboriú (State of Santa Catarina, Brazil), at the Hotel Sibara Flat & Conventions, located in the center of the city, close to many hotels, restaurants and shops, and only 100 meters from the sea. More information, here.

Memorial lecture. The traditional Memorial Lecture Joaquim da Costa Ribeiro will be given by Professor Yvonne Primerano Mascarenhas (IFSC – USP).

Plenary lectures. Leading scientists from institutions in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States will deliver plenary talks on cutting-edge issues at the event. There will also be a plenary session by the Brazilian scientist Antônio José Roque da Silva, director of CNPEM and the Sirius project (new Synchrotron Light Lab). Learn more about the plenary sessions, here.

Organization. The chair of the event is Professor Ivan Helmuth Bechtold (Physics Department of UFSC) and the co-chair is Professor Hugo Gallardo (Department of Chemistry of UFSC). The program committee is formed by professors Iêda dos Santos (UFPB), José Antônio Eiras (UFSCar), Marta Rosso Dotto (UFSC) and Mônica Cotta (Unicamp). Get to know all the organizers, here.

Exhibitors and sponsors. 29 companies have already confirmed their participation in the event. Those interested in booking booths or participating with other forms of sponsorship can contact Alexandre at the e-mail comercial@sbpmat.org.br.

News from B-MRS Members

– B-MRS member Oswaldo Luiz Alves (IQ – UNICAMP) was distinguished with the title of Professor Honoris Causa of the Federal University of Ceará. Know more.

Reading Tips

– By applying a chemical method of polymerization on substrates coated with liquid crystals, scientists generate polymer nanofibers with extremely controlled properties. The process has potential for industrial scale (Science paper). Know more.

– Inspired by proteins, new material changes its structure and performs specific chemical activity in response to environmental stimuli (Nature’s paper). Know more.

– Contribution to the development of quantum computing: scientists create quantum bit platform with graphene and hexagonal boron nitride “sandwich” (paper from Nature Nanotechnology). Know more.

– Scientists find out how the size of void spaces alters the forces linking “building blocks” in porous two-dimensional materials, opening up possibilities for the development of complex nanostructures (paper from Physical Review Letters). Know more.

Nanoagglomerates of gold particles acting directly on neurons reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in tests done in vitro and in mice (Biomaterials paper). Know more.

– Brazilian study shows that biomaterial (organic polymer) associated with stem cells considerably reduces brain lesions in mices. Research opens possibilities of treatment in humans that were victims of stroke or trauma (paper from Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine). Know more.


Post-doctoral scholarship in methane conversion. Know more.

Invitation to organize the official International Sol-Gel Conference in 2021. Know more.

Post-doctoral fellowship in Brazil in the area of physical-chemical education. Know more.


Escola de Fabricação e Caracterização de Nanomateriais e Nanodispositivos. Duque de Caxias, RJ (Brazil). February 18 – 22, 2019. Site.

International Workshop on Advanced Magnetic Oxides (IWAMO 2019). Aveiro (Portugal). April 15 – 17, 2019. Site.

2019 E-MRS Spring Meeting e IUMRS – ICAM. Nice (France). May 27 – 31, 2019. Site.

20th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (ISIC). Campinas, SP (Brazil). June 2 – 6, 2019. Site.

10th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2019). Singapore. June 23 – 28, 2019. Site.

XX International Sol-Gel Conference. Saint Petersburg (Russia). August 25 – 30, 2019. Site.

XVIII B-MRS Meeting. Balneário Camboriú, SC (Brazil). September 22 – 26, 2019. Site.

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