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The newsletter of the Brazilian Materials Research Society News update from Brazil for the Materials community
English edition. Year 4, issue 7.

XVI B-MRS Meeting (Gramado, Brazil, September 10-14)

Program. The preliminary program is online, see here.

Registration – discounts. Registration is open. All categories have discounts until August 31st. See here the different values for B-MRS members (you can become a member during registration) and for non-members. Attention: The registration fee of the event + B-MRS membership fee is less than the registration fee of the event for non-members.

Student Awards. Contributions of undergraduate or graduate students that are accepted for presentation at the event, may compete for awards from B-MRS and from the American Chemical Society (ACS) publisher. Up to 46 works will be awarded. The top 6 (3 posters and 3 oral) will receive cash prizes. To participate in the selection the author must submit by August 14 an extended abstract supplemented to the conventional abstract. Learn more about student awards, here.

Workshops. On Sunday, September 10, those enrolled in the event will be able to attend, at no extra cost, the tutorial “Young’s Researchers School: How to Produce and Publish High Impact Papers“, which will be taught by Valtencir Zucolotto, Professor of IFSC-USP, and by Dr. Christiane Barranguet, Publishing Director for Materials Science at Elsevier. Additional information and registration, here.

Hosting, transportation and tourism. For hotel options, flight reservations, shuttle service, touristic attractions tours, shows etc, see here.

Plenary lectures. Seven internationally renowned scientists will speak about cutting edge research on subjects such as materials for biomedical and environmental applications; biomimetic surfaces; heterogeneous catalysis; materials and technologies for miniaturized electronic circuits; piezoelectric films and their energy, optics and electronics applications. Learn more by clicking on the speakers’ photos, here.

Memorial lecture. At the opening of the event, SBPMat will pay homage to Professor João Alziro H. da Jornada, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), who will deliver the traditional Memorial Lecture “Joaquim da Costa Ribeiro”. See here our interview with Prof. Jornada.

Venue. The FAURGS event center is in the center of Gramado, within walking distance of restaurants, shops, tourist attraction spots and hotels.

City of the event. Gramado is a charming tourist town, with a wide and qualified chain of hotels, gastronomic restaurants and shops. This attractive city is also the starting point for a series of sightseeing highlights that explores the area’s natural florid beauty, its history marked by German and Italian immigration, and the theme parks around the city.

Organization. Meet the organizing committee. Here.

Exhibitors. 23 companies have already confirmed their participation in the industrial exhibition. Contact for sponsoring and exhibition issues: Alexandre, comercial@sbpmat.org.br.  

Fapesp collective support. The request was approved. The foundation will finance stipends and transportation of those researchers from São Paulo institutions that participated in the request.
Learn more here.

B-MRS news

B-MRS was present at the 69th annual meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science, represented by Professor Glaura Goulart Silva (UFMG), scientific director of our society. Learn more about Goulart Silva’s impression of the event (“an area of resistance to the dismantling of science and technology in Brazil”) and her account on the round table on carbon nanostructures, in which she participated as a panelist. See here.

Featured paper

In a study carried out at the Brazilian Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro, researchers developed a mortar reinforced with multilayer graphene nanoflakes, with resistance almost 150% higher than that of traditional mortar. The material may be easily prepared by civil construction professionals by adding graphene powder to conventional mortar. The scientific team also studied the mechanisms that provide exceptional resistance to this new material. The research was reported in an Elsevier journal dedicated to research in construction materials. 
See our news story.

Interviews with speakers of the XVI B-MRS Meeting

We interviewed Professor Susan Trolier-McKinstry, who is the current president of the Materials Research Society (MRS) and the Steward S. Flaschen Professor of Ceramic Science and Engineering at Penn State (USA). Trolier-McKinstry is also a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Nanofabrication facility at that university. The scientist will deliver a plenary lecture in Gramado, on September 12, on piezoelectric films for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Based on piezoelectric materials, Trolier-McKinstry and her group have developed MEMS – microscopic machines capable of capturing and processing environmental information, and with this data, carrying out operations involving movement – with applications in the energy and health areas, among others. In the interview, she spoke about science and about the current challenges of materials research societies. See the interview.


We also interviewed Alexander Yarin, Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA). In his plenary lecture in Gramado, on September 11, he will talk about the nanofibers he produces in his laboratory from agro-waste materials, using a process based on the interaction between a jet of polymer solution and a jet of air. These biopolymer nanofibers can be used in health and environmental areas, for example. Find out more about Professor Yarin’s main contributions and about the themes he will address at the XVI SBPMat Meeting.
See the interview.

Reading tips

  • Team led by scientists from Brazil compressed two sheets of graphene and after analyzing the structure by Raman, they reported on the production of a two-dimensional diamond, the “diamondene” (based on paper from Nature Communications). Here.
  • What is glass? An article from UFSCar (Brazil) and Corning (USA) redefines vitreous materials in a paper highlighted by Elsevier´s Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. Here.
  • Scientists discover how the morphology of the wings of beetles generates the most radiant white with the least use of material (based on paper from Advanced Materials). Here.
  • New journal. Open access journal of Nature Partner Journals (npg) dedicated to flexible electronics, from fundamentals to applications, will launch its first issue in late September. Here.


  • XXXVIII Congresso Brasileiro de Aplicações de Vácuo na Indústria e na Ciência (CBRAVIC) + III Workshop de Tratamento e Modificação de Superfícies (WTMS)
    . São José dos Campos (Brazil). August 21 – 25, 2017.Site.
  • IUMRS-ICAM 2017. Kyoto (Japan). August 27 – Setember 1, 2017. Site.
  • International Conference on Luminescence (ICL-2017).  João Pessoa (Brazil). August 27 – September 1, 2017.
  • 23a Reunião da Associação Brasileira de Cristalografia. Vitória, ES (Brazil).  September 5 – 9, 2017. Site.
  • 1ª Escola de Altas Pressões. Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). September 9-10, 2017. Site.
  • XVI Encontro da SBPMat/ XVI B-MRS Meeting. Gramado, RS (Brazil). September 10 – 14, 2017. Site.
  • 18th International Conference on Internal Friction and Mechanical Spectroscopy (ICIFMS-18). Foz do Iguaçu, PR (Brazil). September 12 – 15 2017. Site.
  • 2ª Conferência Nacional em Materiais Celulares (MatCel’2017) + Conferência Internacional em Dinâmica de Materiais Celulares (DynMatCel’2017). Aveiro (Portugal). September 25 – 27, 2017. 

  • 1st Pan American Congress of Nanotechnology. Fundamentals and Applications to Shape the Future. Guarujá, SP (Brazil). November 7 – 30 2017. Site.

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