B-MRS Newsletter. Year 10, issue 5.



Year 10, issue 5. June 2nd, 2023.

New Award

jalcom award

B-MRS and the Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Elsevier) launched the JALCOM Award for researchers from Brazilian institutions with significant contributions in certain topics in the fields of Materials and Energy. The award will distinguish 1 advanced career researcher and 2 early career researchers. Applications are open until August 15th. Learn more.

Papers by the community

paper guilherme

In this work, a scientific team from UNESP developed a low-cost material, based on cellulose microfibers, capable of removing toxic dyes present in effluents from the textile industry. The material, which is recyclable, was produced within the circular economy concept from an agro-industrial residue widely available in Brazil, sugarcane bagasse. Go to the paper in Bioresource Technology.

paper cafe

Researchers from IFSC-USP and UFES, along with scientists from Colombia, have developed a low-cost, portable biosensor capable of detecting ochratoxin with high sensitivity and selectivity. Ochratoxin is a toxic and potentially carcinogenic substance produced by fungi, often found in coffee beans. A patent application for this development is in progress at the USP Innovation Agency. Go to the paper in Talanta.

paper joao vitor

Scientists from UFSCar and USP presented a new route, based on the “flash-sintering” technique, for obtaining glass-ceramics (materials with high resistance to impacts, obtained by crystallizing common glasses). The team obtained glass-ceramics in much shorter times and lower temperatures than conventional methods: 20 seconds in an oven at 500 °C, instead of a few hours at 950 °C. A patent application for the process has already been submitted in Brazil. Go to the paper in Acta Materialia.

paper gustavo

A team from five Brazilian and one French institutions developed a technique to characterize chiral organic materials, which can mimic the properties of the chiral molecules that exist in nature, and also can form metamaterials that interact exotically with light. Called Photoluminescent Ellipsometric Circular Dichroism (PECD), the technique makes it possible to distinguish the electronic transitions that are related to the chiral centers of molecules, and it can be combined with Ellipsometric Raman Spectroscopy (ERS). Go to the paper in Spectrochimica Acta Part A.

If you are the author of an impactful article in the Materials area and wish to share it with our community, contact us.

XXI B-MRS Meeting
Maceió (AL, Brazil), October 1 to 5, 2023


We received nearly 2,500 abstracts!

Abstract status notification. On the 6th of June, the authors of the submitted abstracts will receive their notifications: approved for presentation, rejected or needing modification.

Student Awards. Contributions submitted by students and approved for presentation will be eligible for student awards until July 17. Learn more.

Registration. Registration is open, with special prices for students and researchers from Brazilian institutions and other Latin American countries. Besides that, early registration discount ends on August 10th. See the fees.

Plenary Lectures. This edition of the event will have 6 plenary lectures, given by distinguished scientists from France, Germany, India, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Learn more about the plenary sessions on the website.

Memorial Lecture. At the opening of the event, the traditional Memorial Lecture Joaquim da Costa Ribeiro will be given by Prof. Gilberto Fernandes de Sá (UFPE).

Lectureship Award José Arana Varela. Prof. Fernando Lázaro Freire Junior (PUC-Rio) will receive this distinction from B-MRS and will deliver a plenary lecture at the event.

Symposia. The event comprises 24 thematic symposia covering design, synthesis, characterization, processing and applications of various materials, from traditional alloys to bio-based polymers. More than 100 researchers from 15 countries organize our symposia.

Venue. The venue for the event will be the Ruth Cardoso Cultural and Exhibition Center, in the city of Maceió. Learn more.

Chairmen. The general coordinators of the event are Professors at the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL): Carlos Jacinto da Silva, from the Institute of Physics, and Mario Roberto Meneghetti, from the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology.


– B-MRS subscribed to a SBPC’s letter to federal deputies and senators, expressing concern about the fall of Brazilian universities in a world ranking of higher education institutions, caused by cuts in funding for research and education. Read the letter.

– B-MRS also signed a letter from SBPC expressing indignation at the approval in the Parliament of proposals that withdraw essencial organs from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples. Read the letter.


– ACS Applied Nano Materials is calling for papers for its special issue “Women in Nano”, dedicated to articles by women working in nanomaterials with a focus on applications. The deadline for submission is August 31st. Prof. Monica Cotta, B-MRS President, is among the organizers. Learn more.

Upcoming events

Escuela Virtual de Caracterización de Materiales de la SMMATER – 3ª edición. Online. February 20 – August 2, 2023. Site.

41st International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics (VUVX 2023). Campinas (SP, Brazil). July 3 – 7, 2023. Site.

– IV Brazilian Nanocellulose Summit. São Carlos (SP, Brazil). August 9 – 11, 2023. Site.

– 1º Simpósio Brasileiro de Engenharia da Nanotecnologia do PENt-COPPE/UFRJ. Online. August, 28 – 30, 2023. Site.

– Chip in Rio (International Congress in Microelectronics and Microtechnologies). Rio de Janeiro (RJ, Brazil). August 28 – September 1st, 2023. Site.

– XXI B-MRS Meeting. Maceió (AL, Brazil). October 1st – 5, 2023. Site.

– 4th International Brazilian Conference on Tribology (TriboBR). Vitoria (ES, Brazil). November 26 – 30, 2023. Site.

– XLVI Congresso Internacional de Químicos Teóricos de Expressão Latina (Quitel 2023). Montevidéu (Uruguai). November 26 – 30, 2023. Site.

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