B-MRS Newsletter. Year 8, issue 1.


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Newsletter of the
Brazilian Materials
Research Society

Year 8, issue 1. February 8, 2021.

XIX B-MRS Meeting + IUMRS ICEM 2021


– The 2021 B-MRS meeting will be a virtual event!

– It will take place from August 30 (Monday) to September 3 (Friday) this year.

– It will be carried out in conjunction with IUMRS-ICEM.

– This edition of the event comprises 24 symposia. See list.

Abstract submission opens on March 1st. See instructions.

Event website: https://www.sbpmat.org.br/19encontro/

Featured Paper

A team of Brazilian researchers studied in detail polymeric materials based on PEDOT:PSS, a promising option to replace ITO in electrodes for organic solar cells. The researchers confirmed that the addition of a proportion of graphene oxide to the polymer generates a more efficient and low-cost material, which adapts to the favorite system for industrial production of these flexible solar cells. The study was recently reported in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Know more.


Advocacy & Policy

– B-MRS, together with more than 90 entities, supports a petition for overturning President Bolsonaro’s vetoes to the law on the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT). The vetoes threaten the release of funds for science and technology. Know more and sign the petition.

– B-MRS and more than 300 entities from various civil society sectors support the manifestation “Vaccination Now” for the immediate start of vaccination against Covid-19, free and for all, without political interference. Know more.

News from B-MRS Members

– Professor Gustavo M. Dalpian (UFABC) was appointed editor of the new scientific journal “Discover Materials” (Springer). Dalpian is a B-MRS member and the chair of the XIX B-MRS Meeting + IUMRS ICEM 2021. Know more.

Reading Tips

– After half a century of international endeavors, scientists have developed a silicon-based material capable of emitting light. The discovery, chosen as “2020 Breakthrough of the Year” by Physics World magazine, opens possibilities for integrating optoelectronic devices into silicon chips (Nature). Know more.

– Scientists present the first detailed experimental study of the structure of bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) – a new family of materials that are both metallic and amorphous, with great potential for industrial application (Materials Today). Know more.

– New technique for manufacturing heterostructures. Scientists are able to rotate layers of two-dimensional materials to align them in the preferred way and thus control the structural properties (Science Advances). Know more.

– Researchers produce a nanostructure with innovative surface texture, capable of penetrating biofilms (colonies of microbes) and generating a chemical reaction that kills bacteria. Since the nanostructures are magnetic it also facilitates removing biofilm debris (Nano Letters). Know more.

– Franco-Brazilian scientific team develops very flexible elongated structures, using a magnetic field to aggregate iron nanoparticles linked by a polymer. Artificial cilia could be used to direct fluids or carry material into cells (The Journal of Physical Chemistry C). Know more.


– Brazilian research generates a portable, low-cost and highly sensitive system for diagnosing Covid-19, based on a genosensor. Know more.

– Research group and startup from São Paulo develop low-cost rapid test, based on nanoparticles, to detect antibodies against Covid-19. The device could be used to monitor the population’s response to vaccines. Know more.


– International call for students for M.Sc. and PhD at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (Egypt). Open by February 13. Know more.


– WEBINAR “PhD and Beyond: Laying the Foundation for a Successful Career”. February 9, 2021 às 11h (BTR UTC 3). Organization: CINE. Support: B-MRS. Site.

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE. 47 International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF). April 26 – 30, 2021. Site.

4th Workshop on Coated Tools & Multifunctional Thin Films. Campinas, SP (Brasil). July 20 – 23, 2021. Site.

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE. XIX B-MRS Meeting (Encontro da SBPMat) + IUMRS ICEM (International Conference on Electronic Materials). August 30 – September 3, 2021. Site.

– 7th Meeting on Self Assembly Structures in Solution and at Interfaces. Bento Gonçalves, RS (Brazil). November 3 – 5, 2021. Site.

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