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Session: 09.22, 18:30 to 20:30 - Room: Louvre

Chair Person: Martin Heeney and Lucimara Stolz Roman
Q - Materials and Processes for Large-Area Electronics
PDF Q501 - Processing of a paint based in hybrid material for use as Radar Absorbing Material
Luiza de Castro Folgueras (CTA/IAE) and Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende (CTA/IAE)
PDF Q502 - Reliability of Ag Ink Jet Printed Traces on Polyimide Substrate
Renato Bonadiman (INdT), Marta Machado Pinheiro Salazar (UEA) and Ocileide Custodio Silva (INdT)
PDF Q504 - Binder-Free Silver Paste Using the Reactive Monomolecular Layer
Shogo Onishi (Kagawa University), Yuji Ohkubo (Kagawa University), Yuki Asabe (Kagawa University) and Kazufumi Ogawa (Kagawa University)
PDF Q507 - Exciton dynamics in polyfluorene containing end-groups with intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) state
Emanuelle Reis Simas (IQSC) and Marcelo Henrique Gehlen (IQSC)
PDF Q508 - In place growth of vertical Si nanowires for surround gated MOSFETs with self aligned contact formation
Alois Lugstein (TU Wien), Mathias Steinmayr (TU Wien), Christoph Henkel (TU Wien) and Emmerich Bertagnolli (TU Wien)
PDF Q513 - Electrical and Optical properties of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Vinícius Zacarias Rizzo (Escola Polit?ica - USP) and Ronaldo Domingues Mansano (Escola Polit?ica - USP)
PDF Q515 - Tunnelling conduction process introduction during the degradation phenomena process in SnO2 and ZnO varistors
Miguel Adolfo Ponce (INTEMA), Miguel Ramirez (UNESP), Miriam Susana Castro (INTEMA), Paulo Roberto Bueno (UNESP), Elson Longo (UNESP) and José Arana Varela (UNESP)
PDF Q516 - Scanning laser sintering: A two step sintering process?
Eduardo Antonelli (USP - IFSC) and Antonio Carlos Hernandes (USP - IFSC)
Rafael Eduardo Garzón (UnalColombia), José Edgar Alfonso (Unal Colombia), Nestor Jaime Torres (Unal Colombia) and Luis Carlos Moreno-Aldana (Univ Nal de Colombia)
PDF Q523 - Coulomb oscillations observed in organic junctions
Marcos Patrício dos Santos (UnB), Tiago da Silva Bonfim (UnB) and Artemis Marti Ceschin (UnB)
PDF Q524 - Environmental and mechanics influence on functional behavior of electronics products with flexible printed circuit boards with embedded passive component
Josineto Leal da Costa (INdT) and Ocileide Custodio Silva (INdT)
PDF Q525 - Study of KDP Concentration in a PEDOT: PSS matrix at Voltage x Pressure Response
Felipe Azevedo Rios Silva, Artemis Marti Ceschin (UnB) and Maria José Araujo Sales (UnB)
PDF Q530 - Electrical response analysis of doped tin oxide gas sensors under different gases atmospheres
Lialiana Fraigi (INTI), Eliana Gabriela Mangano (INTI), Miguel Adolfo Ponce (INTEMA), Celso Manuel Aldao (INTEMA), Cesare Adolf Malagù (UNIFE), Maria Cristina Carotta (UNIFE) and Giuliano Martinelli (UNIFE)
PDF Q531 - Study of optical and electrical properties of copolymers based on phenylene- thiophene for electronic devices
Natasha Ariane Diniz Yamamoto (UFPR), Bruno Fernando Nowacki (UFPR), Leni Campos Akcelrud (UFPR) and Lucimara Stolz Roman (UFPR)
PDF Q534 - a-SiC:H thin films deposited by PECVD with very low silane flow
Jones Wilian Soares de Queiroz (IF / UFMT), Evandro França (IF / UFMT), Marcus Pelegrini (LME / EPUSP), Inès Pereyra (LME / EPUSP) and Rogério Junqueira Prado (IF / UFMT)
PDF Q535 - Effects of the deposition pressure on the chemical and structural properties of a-SiC:H thin films deposited by PECVD
Evandro França (IF / UFMT), Jones Wilian Soares de Queiroz (IF / UFMT), Marcus Pelegrini (LME / EPUSP), Inès Pereyra (LME / EPUSP) and Rogério Junqueira Prado (IF / UFMT)
PDF Q536 - Ion-induced epitaxy in Fe+ implanted SiO2/Si: synthesis and optical characterization of FeSi2 nanoparticles
Rossano Lang Carvalho (UFRGS), Marcel Eduardo Staats (UFRGS), Shay Reboh (UFRGS), Eliermes Arraes Meneses (Unicamp) and Livio Amaral (UFRGS)
PDF Q542 - The use of a thermal-head inkjet printer to produce films of PEDOT and PAni
Neri Alves (Unesp), Tiago Carneiro Gomes (Unesp), José Alberto Giacometti (Unesp) and Aldo Eloizo Job (Unesp)
PDF Q545 - Sr2YSbO6 as a Buffer Layer for YBa2Cu3O7 Superconducting Films
David Arsenio Landínez Téllez (Univ nacional de Colombia), Jairo Roa Rojas (Univ nacional de Colombia) and Omar Ortiz-Diaz (Univ nacional de Colombia)
PDF Q546 - Charge Transport Studies on Poly(o-alkoxyanilines) Nanostructured Films: Formation of Conducting Islands
Fábio Lima Leite (UFSCar), Edgar Sanches (USP-IFSC), Marcelo Luiz Simões (Embrapa), Pedro Nascente (UFSCar), Carlos Jose Constantino (UNESP) and Osvaldo Novais Oliveira Jr (USP)
PDF Q549 -  Excimer Laser Wet Oxidisation of Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon
Saydulla Persheyev, Yongchang Fan and Mervyn John Rose
PDF Q550 - Carrier spectrum in CNT functionalized by molecules with conformation transition
Victor Alexandrovich Lyakah (NTU Kharkov Polytechnic I) and Eugen Solomonovich Syrkin (Inst Low Temperature NASU)
PDF Q551 - Electrical and dielectrical properties of BaTiO3 and Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 ceramics synthesized by the proteic sol-gel method
Jerre Cristiano Alves dos Santos (DFi - UFS), Ronaldo Santos da Silva (DFi - UFS), David Vieira Sampaio (DFi - UFS), Zélia Soares Macedo (DFi - UFS), Eduardo Antonelli (IFSC - USP), Antonio Carlos Hernandes (IFSC - USP) and Jean-Claude M´Peko (IFSC - USP)





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