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The exhibition will be situated on the first floor level. The exhibition area will thus be part of the central meeting space for participants before and after the lectures. Furthermore, the coffee break areas will be an integral part of the exhibition area. Sufficient floor space will be reserved for the walkways between the booths to ensure that participants can visit the exhibition in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the exhibition area, media centers exist which facilitate the supply of electricity and water . The complimentary wireless network will be accessible throughout the exhibition area.

Participating companies can rent 9 m2 exhibition stands with inventory for a nominal fee. Electricity, water and additional services will also be provided by Congress Secretariat for a nominal fee. Registered exhibitors will receive an information package from Congress Secretariat by means of which all available services can be booked.

An overview on the exhibition fees is given below.


The exhibition will run from Monday, September 21st to Thursday, September 24th, from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Poster sessions will run Monday-Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5PM to 8PM in an area neighbor and integrated with the exhibition hall. Please note that Wednesday afternoon will be free so that participants can visit tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro.






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