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Plenary Lectures


Sunday, September 20

19:00 - Professor Sergio Rezende, Ministry for Science and Technology
"Science, Technology and Innovation for National Development"


Monday, September 21

08:30 - Professor Subra Suresh (Dean, MIT School of Engineering, USA):
"Nanotechnology and materials science perspectives to probe connections between human diseases and cell behavior"

09:15 - Professor Akihisa Inoue (President, Tohoku University, Japan):
"Recent Development and Applications of Bulk Glassy Alloys"

17:00 - Professor Miguel Jose Yacaman (U Texas, USA):
"New Insides on the Physics and Chemistry of Nanocristals"


Tuesday, September 22

08:30 - Professor C.N.R. Rao (Linus Pauling Professor & JNCASR President, India): View Plenary Abstract
"Graphene : The new nanocarbon"

17:00 - Professor Knut Urban (Forchungszentrum Julich, Germany): View Plenary Abstract
"Aberration-corrected electron microscopy – solving materials problems on the atomic level".

17:45 - Somiya Award


Wednesday, September 23

08:30 - Professor Jacques Amouroux (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France): View Plenary Abstract
"Carbon dioxide: a New Material for Energy Storage"


Thursday, September 24

17:00 - Professor Stuart S. P. Parkin (Director, IBM-Stanford SpinAps, USA): View Plenary Abstract
"The Spin on Electronics"


Friday, September 25

08:30 - Professor Henrique Toma (IQ - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil):
"Supramolecular Hetero-Hybrid Materials and Devices"






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