ICAM 2009 - CD-ROM


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

A - Advances on Nanocomposites: Synthesis and ApplicationsPosterOral
B - Mechanical Properties of Materials at the Nanometer Length ScalesPosterOral
C - Carbon Nanostructures: From properties to ApplicationsPosterOral
D - Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Inorganic NanoparticlesPosterOral
E - Magnetic Materials at the NanoscalePosterOral
F - Solving Nanostructures through Electron MicroscopyPosterOral

Health and Biological Materials

G - Medical Applications of NanotechnologyPosterOral
H - New Developments in BiomaterialsPosterOral
I - New Materials and Processes for Sensing and BiosensingPosterOral

Energy and Environment

J - Materials for Portable Energy SourcesPosterOral
K - Innovation in Fuel Cells: from Materials to Novel DevicesPosterOral
L - Environmentally Benign MaterialsPosterOral
M - Frontiers in Photonic and Photovoltaic Materials and ProcessesPosterOral
N - Materials for Nuclear Power GenerationPosterOral
O - Materials for Direct Energy Conversion SystemsPosterOral

Functional and Electronic Materials

P - Designer Polymeric Nano and Micro-StructuresPosterOral
Q - Materials and Processes for Large-Area ElectronicsPosterOral
R - Protective Coating: Advanced Surface EngineeringPosterOral
S - Current Trends in Oxide MaterialsPosterOral
T - Functional Materials For Organic Electronic and NanotechnologyPosterOral

Structural Materials

U - Advances in Structural Ceramics from Processing to ApplicationsPosterOral
V - Structures and Properties of Metastable MaterialsPosterOral
W - New Developments in the Processing and Applications of Cu-ad Mo-Base AlloysPosterOral
X - Processing, structure and properties of advanced metallic materialsPosterOral

Theory and Phenomena

Y - Computational Modeling and Data Driven Materials DiscoveryPosterOral
Z - Phase Transformation in Metallic Systems: Current issuesPosterOral

General Interest

AA - Materials Education: Resources, Opportunities and ChallengesPosterOral
BB - From Theory to Experiment: Advances in engineering materialsPosterOral





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