XIII SBPMat Meeting: sponsors´technical lectures.

Speaker: Shimadzu/Tescan.

Title: Scanning Electron Microscope with Focused Ion Beam and TOF SIMS Detector.

Abstract: The purpose of this lecture is to present a new technique for chemical analysis, applied to research and development, aiming to detect elements from H, with lateral and nanometric depth resolution, with excellent detection limits. This technique uses the TOF SIMS detector coupled with an ion cannon.

When: September 29th (Monday), from 13:30 to 14:00.

Where: plenary room of the João Pessoa Convention Center.


Speakers: Mauro Porcu and Daniel Phifer (FEI).

Title: Cutting-edge DualBeam™ sample preparation and TEM analysis for material science.

Abstract: Site specific sample preparation is becoming essential for advanced material science as innovative workflows have been developed to enable atomic TEM resolution. The DualBeam-TEM workflow saves time and offers possibilities for analysis of specific areas with optimized orientation. Low voltage FIB cleaning and advanced manipulation allow lifting out sampled from bulk substrates and thinning with little to no significant damage. When coupled with the new FEI TEMs, it is possible to capture better compositional information from both traditional TEM thin sections and cylindrical “pillar TEM samples”. TEM EDS has advanced so much and EDS tomography is routinely performed with the new EDS geometry and fast data processing. Atomic material characterization thus highly benefits from newer DualBeam-TEM-sample-preparation-methodologies.

When: September 30th (Tuesday), from 13:30 to 14:00.

Where: plenary room of the João Pessoa Convention Center.