Admission Process to entrance at the Graduate Program in Physics of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (PPGFSC/UFSC)

Call for applications at the admission process of the master and PhD courses from the Graduate Program in Physics from UFSC – Florianópolis, entrance at the semester 2018/1.

Deadline for applications close at November 27, 2017 until 5:00 pm.

Remember that the applications are online and the candidate no needs to furnish the grade of EUF to fill the application form. It’s enough furnishes the inscription number and the month/year when he/she took the EUF.

Participating of the Admission Process the master candidate must take one of two last editions of EUF (Exame Unificado das Pós-Graduações em Física) and the PhD candidate must take some of last five editions.

The complete notice and other information are available at:


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