• TAHIR

      Dear Prof. Célia M. Ronconi
      I have done PhD in physics from department of physics PUC Rio de Janeiro under the supervision of prof. Tommaso Del Rosso in 2020. In my PhD research work we focused on the
      1. Synthesis, and optical and macroscopic characterizations of Metal nano-particles (specially AuNPs) synthesized by Pulsed Laser Ablation (PLA) and the effect of PLA parameters on their size and composition.
      2. synthesis of sp2 carbon dots and carbynoid nanocrystals by laser ablation of metal target in water assisted by the recycling of carbon dioxide of the environment.
      3. Application of synthesized gold nano-particles and carbon dots respectively for photodynamic activity and chemical sensing of toxic mercury in water.
      I already have three publications and two are under review. Soon we will submit one article in nature nanotechnology.
      This Job is closely related with my research experience and I will appreciate if you can short list me for interview of this opportunity. I will go to Niteroi in next week and I would like to meet you and talk to you face to face if you can.
      I am waiting for your kind response
      Best Regards

    • Chiara das Dores do Nascimento

      Tenho interesse.

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