Master in Materials Science exploring Large Scale Facilities (Mamaself)

  • a 2 year Master course in Materials science
  • scholarships available for both European students and Non-European students
  • an international Master in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme

Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities (Mamaself).

Mamaself is a 2 year full time Master proposing a high level course in Material Science, Physics, Chemistry with strong relation to the Large Scale Facilities.

This Master is the result of the collaboration between five Universities: University Rennes 1, (France, coordinating institution of the program), University of Torino, (Italy), Technical University (TUM) and the Ludwig Maximilian University München (Germany) and The University of Montpellier 2 (France).

Mamaself is an international Master proposing courses at these 5 universities in very interesting cities in Europe : this is a great opportunity for students to combine study and discovering Europe. All lectures are given in English, and the atmosphere is really international : a Mamaself class is composed with 2/3 Non-European students and 1/3 European students. The students especially appreciate the structure of the program with 3 key events : integration week at the beginning of the program, two-week Summerschool and Mamaself status meeting organised at the top of a mountain in Switzerland (see website for details).

The student will receive at least 2 Master degree, corresponding to his/her two places of study during the program : each student will spend one year in a first hosting institution, the first semester of the second Master year at another university. The last semester is dedicated to the Master thesis and can be spent at a university or at Large scale Faclities or at a partner institution in USA, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, India and Russia at our partner institutions.

Grants for Non-European students
For each academic year the consortium of universities selects Non-European students who will receive a grant. The grant for Non-European students is 22.000 euros per year. Deadline for application: 28.01.2014. Non-EU students who already spent a time in Europe can applicate in the cat B fellowship, deadline 28.1.2014.

Grants for European students
In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme, European students can apply for an EM fellowship of 9.000€ per year. European students can receive 3000€ complementary grant for a mobilty at one of the non EU partner institutions in Japan, Switzerland, India, USA, Russia, Brazil. Deadline for application is 28.01.2014

Students must have 180 ECTS (Bacheor or equivalent) in Material Science or related disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Geoscience,…), good academic records and good English competencies. The application must be done online on: The deadline for submission is: 26 January 2014, the deadline for students who apply without EM grant is: 18 Mai 2014.

Instruction language is English for lectures and for all communication.
Further information about the study programme, the universities of the consortium, the admission process can be found on

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