B-MRS Newsletter. Year 10, issue 9.



Year 10, issue 9. November 21st, 2023.

XXII B-MRS Meeting (Santos): call for symposia


The next B-MRS Meeting will be held in Santos (SP) from September 29th to October 3rd, 2024, coordinated by Laura Oliveira Péres (Unifesp) and Lucas Fugikawa Santos (Unesp). The call for thematic symposia is open until November 27th (the deadline has just been extended). Know more.

SBPMat 2023 elections: results

Eleições 2023 (1)

The elected Executive Board, which will manage B-MRS in 2024 and 2025, has Ivan Helmuth Bechtold (UFSC) as the president, Iêda Maria Garcia dos Santos (UFPB) on the administrative direction and 5 scientific directors from the Northeast, Central-West, Southeast and South regions of Brazil. Besides that, six B-MRS members were elected counselors and deputy counselors. Know more.

XXI B-MRS Meeting: event report


The event held at the beginning of October in Maceió brought together more than 1,600 participants from all continents and all regions of Brazil and showcased quality multidisciplinary science addressing some of the main current challenges of humanity. See our event report, with texts, photos and presentation files. Here.

XXI B-MRS Meeting: awards for students


The awards for the best works presented by students at the XXI B-MRS Meeting symposia had 38 finalists in the Bernhard Gross Award, 12 winners in the ACS Prize and 6 in the RSC Prize. See the list and access the photos.


jalcom award

The winners of the JALCOM Award were announced in Maceió during the closing of the XXI B-MRS Meeting: Conrado R. M. Afonso (UFSCar) in the “Achievement” category and Gisele Amaral Labat (INPE) and Piter Gargarella (UFSCar) in the “Rising Star” category. Find out more about the award.


– B-MRS supports the open letter to the Brazilian Ministry of Education from the National Forum of Pro-Rectors of Research and Postgraduate Studies expressing great concern about the recent cuts and blockages in the CAPES budget. See the letter.


– CTI Renato Archer (Campinas, SP) has 49 technologist and researcher vacancies for professionals with a doctorate or master’s degree. Registration for the selection process is open until November 28th. Know more.

– Call for proposals from the Principia Institute to hold scientific research events at its headquarters in São Paulo. Submission is open until January 31, 2024. Know more.

– Special issue of Membranes (MDPI) on ceramic membranes and their application in gas permeation and capture. Paper submission is open until January 2024. Know more.

– Registration for the selection process for IFGW-Unicamp’s master’s and doctorate courses in physics is open until November 24th. Know more.

– Scholarship for doctors to work on a hybrid perovskite solar cell project at UFABC. Registration until December 3rd. Know more.

– Selection at PPGCEM – UFSCar for admission to master’s and doctorate courses in materials science and engineering and for granting scholarships. Registration is open until November 24th. Know more.

– Registration is open by February 15th for the international master’s in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering AMASE offered jointly by a number of universities in Europe, with possibility of scholarships, Know more.

– Scholarship for a master’s degree at UFSCar in a Materials Physics project (SnO2/WO3 Nanoheterostructures). Registration until January 8th. Know more.

To follow opportunities in the area, visit the B-MRS group on Linkedin.

Upcoming events

– XLIV Congresso Brasileiro de Aplicações de Vácuo na Indústria e na Ciência (CBrAVIC). Campos do Jordão (SP, Brazil). November 25th to 29th, 2023. Website.

– 4th International Brazilian Conference on Tribology (TriboBR). Vitoria (ES, Brazil). November 26th to 30th, 2023. Website.

– XLVI Congresso Internacional de Químicos Teóricos de Expressão Latina (Quitel 2023). Montevideo (Uruguay). November 26th to 30th, 2023. Website

– IEEE Women in Sensors (WiSE) Day. São Paulo (SP). November 31st and December 1st, 2023. Website

– From melanogenesis to melanin technologies. Eastbourne (England). February 12 to 14, 2024. Website.

– 2nd School on Glasses and Glass-ceramics. São Carlos (SP, Brazil). April 29 to May 4, 2024. Website.

– IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG 2024). Rio de Janeiro (RJ, Brazil). May 5th to 10th, 2024. Website.

– 50th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF 2024). San Diego (USA). May 19 to 24, 2024. Website.

– 29th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC 2024). Rio de Janeiro (RJ, Brazil). July 21 to 26, 2024. Website.

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