XVIII B-MRS Meeting: Highlights of some symposia.

Symposium K: i-Caloric Materials and Applications.

The general impression from participants and organizers is that the symposium was very successful. The number of abstracts, although not as high as other symposia, was higher than we expected. All the speakers, invited or not, attended. The works presented, both the seminars and the posters, were of excellent quality.

Alexandre Magnus Gomes Carvalho (CNPEM)


Symposium S: Computational Design for Development of Functional Materials – Synergy between Theoreticians and Experimentalists

The symposium had a high level of presentations, with the participation of national and international researchers. The questions and discussions were intense.  We highlight the participation of researchers Elson Longo, and Stefano Baroni, São Carlos, Brazil and, Trieste, Italia, respectively. Both presented the state of the art in applications and correlations between theoretical and experimental research. The poster section also had a high level and with the intense participation of young researchers, demonstrating that the future of theoretical research applied to materials is promising.

Julio Ricardo Sambrano (Unesp)


Symposium T: Nanofibers, Applications and Related Technology.

The symposium T was organized by Profa. Dra Claudia Merlini (UFSC), Prof. Dr. Cicero R. Cena (UFMS), Prof. Dr. Deuber L. S. Agostini (UNESP) and Profa. Dra Roselena Faez (UFSCar). We received 75 abstracts, 6 oral presentations and 5 invited speakers. Interesting and highly quality works were presented in two days of the symposium by authors from different regions of Brazil and international institutions of different countries. The invited speakers were Prof. Dr. Enzo Menna (Università degli Studi di Padova – Italy), Dr. Gilberto Siqueira (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Switzerland), Profa. Dra. Ana Paula Immich (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Prof. Dr. Hernane da Silva Barud (Universidade de Araraquara (UNIARA), Prof. Dr. Eliton S. Medeiros (Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB). The invited speakers, all experts and distinguished professors in the field, have made important contributions to the scientific community, bringing innovations related to the manufacture, applications and characterizations of natural and synthetic nanofibers. The Symposium was financial supported by FAPESC (Edital PROEVENTOS 2019/2020). This was the second edition of Symposium focused exclusively to Nanofibers and Applications in the B-MRS Meeting, with an expressive numbers of participants.

Claudia Merlini (UFSC)

Simpósios do XIII Encontro da SBPMat: lista dos aprovados.

 XIII Encontro da SBPMat, que ocorrerá em João Pessoa (PB) de 28 de setembro a 2 de outubro de 2014 contará com 19 simpósios, três mais do que na edição passada. Segue a relação:


A: Functional hybrid interfaces: from characterization to applications. Organizador principal: Welchy Leite Cavalcanti (IFAM/Alemanha).

B: Advances in Functional Polymers. Organizador principal: Ricardo Vinicius Bof de Oliveira (UFRGS).

C: Magnetic Materials. Organizador principal: Marcos Flavio de Campos (UFF).

D: Organic Electronics and hybrids: materials and devices. Organizador principal: Rodrigo F. Bianchi (UFOP).

E: Sol-Gel Materials: From Fundamentals to Advanced Applications. Organizador principal: Andrea S. de Camargo (USP/São Carlos).

F: Research Frontiers of Computer Simulations in Materials Science: Developments and Applications. Organizador principal: Juarez L. F. Da
Silva (USP/São Carlos).

G: Anti-fouling Materials and Coatings. Organizador principal: Alexander Hiroshi Kasama (PETROBRÁS).

H: Luminescent Materials. Organizador principal: Hermi F. Brito (USP).

I: Beyond Graphene: Low-dimensional systems based on graphene and III-Nitrides. Organizador principal: Caio M.C. de Castilho (UFBA).

J: IX Brazilian Electroceramics Symposium. Organizador principal: Daniel Zanetti (UFABC).

K: Structure-Properties Relationship of Advanced Metallic Materials. Organizador principal: Leonardo Barbosa Godefroid (UFOP).

L: Current Research in Energy Storage Systems. Organizador principal: Alexandre Urbano (UEL).

M: Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine. Organizador principal: Carlos Jacinto da Silva (UFAL).

N: Surface Engineering: functional coatings and modified surfaces. Organizador principal: Carlos Alejandro Figueroa (UCS).

O: Multifunctional materials derived from clay minerals. Organizador principal: Maria Gardênnia da Fonseca (UFPB).

P: Advanced Carbon Nanostructures and Composites. Organizador principal: Ana Flávia Nogueira (UNICAMP).

Q: International Symposium on Cementitious Materials. Organizador principal: Sandro Torres (UFPB).

R: Innovation and Technology Transfer Symposium. Organizador principal: Roberto Faria (USP/São Carlos).

S: Ceramic and metallic materials obtained by wet-chemical methods. Organizador principal: Mary Alves (UEPB).


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