List of the 35 winners of the 4 awards of the XIV SBPMat Meeting.


For the best oral presentation and the best poster of the meeting.

  • Poster: Lucas Kling e Silva. “Magnetic characterization of steels AISI A 366, AISI S 235 and AISI 304 using Bitter tecnic ( Ferrofluid)”.
  • Oral: Daniel Bahro. “Understanding The External Quantum Efficiency of Organic Homo-Tandem Solar Cells Utilizing a Three-Terminal Device Architecture”.



For the 3 best posters of the meeting.

  • Gold prize: Leandro Merces (Laboratório Nacional de Nanotecnologia). “Fabrication and characterization of CuPc molecular junctions: investigation of the contact configuration”.
  • Silver prize: Edna Regina Spada (Instituto de Física de São Carlos). “Understanding light emission and reflection in spherical submicron mirrors arrays by confocal microscopy”.
  • Bronze prize: Nagyla Alves de Oliveira (Instituto de Química – UNESP). “Low-temperature down-conversion luminescence behavior of nanosized phosphors with potential application in optical devices”.



A recognition of SBPMat to the best oral and poster contributions of each symposium presented at the annual meeting of the society. The choice is made by a committee selected by the coordinators of each symposium. Bernhard Gross was one of the pioneers of Materials research in Brazil.

Symposium A.

  • Oral: Guilherme Monteiro Torelly. “Probing the deposition of ultra-thin InAs layers on GaAs and their evolution towards the nucleation of 3D InAs islands”.
  • Poster: Raquel da Silva Brito. “Application of Natural Dyes of Brazilian Cerrado in the assembling Dye-sensitized solar cell”.

Symposium B.

  • Poster: Caio José Perecin. “Magnetite Nanoparticles Encapsulated with PCL and Poloxamer by Nano Spray Drying technique”.

Symposium C.

  • Poster: Aline Marques de Oliveira. “A Comparison Study on Nanomembranes for Oil Spill Clean-up Devices – The Tea-bag Like Configuration Case”.

Symposium D.

  • Oral: Victor Raúl Jauja Cana. “Development of electrochemical sensor of glassy carbon electrode modified with Hap-MWCNT composite by electrophoretic deposition for detection of trace cadmium”.
  • Poster: Rebecca Faggion Albers. “Synthesis and characterization of graphene and graphene/nanoparticles composites obtained from graphene oxide reduction direct by the modified polyol process”.

Symposium F.

  • Oral: Eloísa Berbel Manaia. “ZnO/ZnS mixed structures obtained by sol-gel process”.
  • Poster: Rodrigo Morais Menezes dos Santos. “XAS/WAXS in situ study of LDH thermal decomposition and recovery”.

Symposium G.

  • Poster: Ramón Raudel Peña Garcia. “Thickness effects in the properties of hexagonal array of nanosized Ni hollow-spheres”.

Symposium K.

  • Oral: Bruno M. Serafim. “Electrospinning activation of highly porous PMMA microfibers for diagnostic applications”.
  • Poster: Fernanda Guerra Lima Medeiros Borsagli. “Effect of sugarcane bagasse composition in an array of pet in thermal morfology and mechanical evaluation for subsequent application as an insulator”.

Symposium M.

  • Oral: Lucas Pintol Nishikawa. “Quenching and Intercritical Tempering of Microalloyed Pipeline Steel”.
  • Poster: Lucas Kling e Silva. “Magnetic characterization of steels AISI A 366, AISI S 235 and AISI 304 using Bitter technic (Ferrofluid)”.

Symposium N.

  • Oral: Elaine Cavalcanti Rodrigues Vaz. “Spectroscopic Characterization of Functionalized CNT as Nano-antennas in Light Conversion Nanostructured Devices”.
  • Poster: Airton G. B. Junior. “Structural and optical properties optimization of Ba2SiO4:Eu3+(5%) red nanophosphor obtained via sol-gel route for white LED application”.

Symposium O.

  • Oral: Rafael dos Santos Carvalho. “Influence of intramolecular spin-orbit coupling on organic magnetoresistance effect”.
  • Poster: Bruno Rostirolla. “P3HT:PCBM based metal-insulator -semiconductor capacitors under visible light stimulation”.

Symposium Q.

  • Poster: Osmando Ferreira Lopes. “Controlled Synthesis of BiVO4 Photocatalysts: Evidence of the Role of Heterojunctions on their Photocatalytic Activity driven by Visible-Light”.

Symposium S.

  • Oral: Daniel Muniz Oliveira. “Obtainment and characterization of a new polymer formulation based on sodium alginate and fish scales suitable for extended release of herbicides”.
  • Poster: Marco Antonio Voinarovicz. “Chemical Solution for Recycling of Long Life Packaging”.

Symposium V.

  • Oral: Ronaldo José Farias Corrêa do Amaral. “Platelet-rich plasma modulates mesenchymal stromal cells chondrogenesis in collagen-hyaluronic acid scaffolds according to concentration”.
  • Poster: Andrei Sakai. “Tumorigenic cell membrane characterization trough nanostructured thin films: influence of the lipid composition upon biochemical signaling”.

Symposium W.

  • Poster: Isadora S. Deschamps. “Bioabsorbable scaffolds based on β-TCP and polymer used in oral implantology”.

Symposium X.

  • Oral: Maiara Emer. “Nanoparticle-bacteria interaction study based on surface functionalization of nanometric structures”.
  • Poster: Geovânia Cordeiro Assis. “Polystyrene Nano-foams impregnated with SnO2 nanoparticles by TIPS: Application in heterogeneous photocatalysis”.

Symposium Y.

  • Poster: Natália Noronha Ferreira. “pH-responsive alginate-based hydrogel for bevacizumab delivery system: rheological study”.

Workshop 1.

  • Poster: Bruno Santos de Oliveira. “Enhancing Manufacturing Process of Template-Stripped Gold Pyramids for Near-Field Optical Microscopy”.



For the best oral presentation and 2 best posters of symposium C.

Best oral presentation: Monique Gomes Teixeira (Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei). “Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic application of ZnS nanocrystals”.

Best Poster, 1st position: José Antonio Souza (Universidade Federal do ABC). “ZnO microtubes decorated with nanowires”.

Best Poster, 2nd Position: Italo Odone Mazali (Universidade Estadual de Campinas). “Relation between the composition and the catalytic activity of the bimetallic noble metal nanoparticles with tunable compositions supported on organofunctionalized mesoporous silica”.



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