Purposes of the B-MRS

The Brazilian Materials Research Society, Brazilian-MRS (B-MRS), is a civil, of private law, non-profit society, founded at its first General Assembly in 2001.

Purposes of the B-MRS

The following main objectives for the Brazilian MRS were decided taking into account the initial proposal and the contributions suggested in several regional meetings:

1. To contribute for the progress of all aspects of the research on materials in Brazil.

2. To stimulate the interdisciplinar research on materials in Brazil.

3. To promote and to coordinate the exchange of information among individuals and/or institutions having commitment to the interdisciplinarity of research on materials, bringing together the scientific-academic and the industrial communities in the country.

4. To organize meetings and events, periodically or not, looking for the advancement of the research on materials in Brazil.

5. To establish itself as a representative national society, and to give support to government funding agencies on the politics and financial support to scientific research in Brazil.

6. To be effectively integrated part of the international community in materials research, to actively collaborate with the societies belonging to the International Union of the Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) and to promote in Brazil meetings at international level on research in materials.

7. To promote the dissemination of Science and Engineering of Materials in all levels from high schools to the graduate levels, and to the Brazilian society as a whole.