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  Symposium G:

Medical Applications of Nanotechnology

There is growing interest in the use of nanomaterials in medicine. Major advances include nanoscale platforms for early cancer detection, sensing or bio-imaging, and targeted and multifunctional therapeutics. This symposium will address the interplay between the materials and biological sciences for this promising research area.

Many of the important biological objects exist at the nanometer length scale. Indeed, the biological processes themselves may be conceived in terms of nanomachines functioning in a nanostructural environment and thus studied using techniques familiar to chemists, physicists, engineers and materials scientists alongside biologists. Nanotechnology can thus translate the molecular-based science that is being developed in almost every industry around (from electronics, magnetics and materials development to information technology to pharmaceuticals and more) to clinical advances that would facilitate major progress in biomedical applications.

This symposium will address such nanoscale platforms and their integration into medicine.  This includes: nanostructures for targeted drug delivery, for in-vitro diagnostics and for in-vivo bio-imaging, biological methods for nanomaterials synthesis, multi-functional nanoscale tools, preparation of designed functional interfaces for specific interactions, and characterization of nanomaterials for medical applications.

Distinguished speakers will summarize the current state of the art, the evolution of the field, and address future barriers.  Contributions are also solicited in the topics listed.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Nanotechnology for biomedical applications
  • Nanoparticles, nanotubes and nanoribbons for drug delivery
  • In-vitro diagnostics using nanodevices
  • Biological methods for nanomaterials synthesis, and vice versa
  • Multi-functional nanoparticles for biomedical applications
  • Interfacial surface functionalization and dynamics for biomedical applications
  • Nanomaterial synthesis and interactions for biomedical applications
  • Nanoparticles for in-vivo bio-imaging
  • Magnetic and SERS nanoparticles for cancer detection and therapy
  • Advanced characterization of nanomaterials for medical applications

Invited speakers (confirmed list):

  • Prof. Vinayak Dravid (Northwestern University)
  • Cheryl Wong Po Foo (Stanford University)
  • Dr. Ai Leen Koh (Imperial College London)
  • Dr. Andre Linhares (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
  • Mr. Brian Morfitt (Principal, Frazier Healthcare)
  • Mario Diaz de la Rosa (Stanford University)


Full papers: Journal of Materials Science (Springer) will publish Special ICAM 2009 issue(s) containing full papers of abstracts presented in this symposium provided such manuscripts are reviewed according to the Journal standards. Authors are invited, not obliged, to submit full length manuscripts.

For instructions, please check Full Papers Publication.

Symposium organizers:

Robert Sinclair
Stanford University
496 Lomita Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-4034

Phone number: (650) 723-1102
Fax number: (650) 725-4034
E-mail: bobsinc@stanford.edu

Mark Welland
U. of Cambridge
Nanoscience Centre
11 J. J. Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FF

Phone number: +44 1223 760305
Fax number: +44 1223 760306
E-mail: mew10@eng.cam.ac.uk

Vinayak Dravid
Northwestern University
2220 Campus Drive
1133 Cook Hall
Evanston, IL 60208-3108

Phone number: (867) 467-1363
Fax number: (867) 467-6573
E-mail: v-dravid@northwestern.edu

Marcos Farina
Centro de Ciencias da Saude
Bloco F, Sala F2-027
Cidade Universitaria 21941-590
Rio de Janeiro

Phone number: +21 2562 6393
Fax number: +21 2562 6480
E-mail: marcos.farina@pq.cnpq.br





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