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  Symposium AA:

Materials Education: Resources, Opportunities and Challenges

This Symposium highlights scholarly research, advances, and strategies for Materials Education, timely development of new curricula and resources, and innovative teaching/learning styles.  It will promote exchange of ideas among educators and planners at all levels, including school, university and continuing education.

Materials Science and Engineering, due to its interdisciplinary nature, increasingly represents the primary resource for addressing major emerging global challenges related to energy resources, human health, the environment, communications, transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, forensics, and climate change - in addition to the traditional core fields upon which we continue to depend.  The effective application of the interdisciplinary MSE approach in the coming decades will depend on our ability to develop a knowledgeable and skilled community of excellently prepared graduates for careers as researchers, inventors, design engineers, and technical directors and practitioners, in a fast-expanding array of inter-dependent fields. 

Appropriate implementation of their talents and their discoveries in the future will also depend on technical awareness by an informed and enlightened general community, that sets policies and harvests the technological benefits.  The Materials Education community must thus prepare technical professionals via well-coordinated comprehensive curricula, and effective and attractive systems for lifelong learning, extending through school, university and entire working careers.  It must also seek to enrich comprehension of materials issues within the non-technical community.

This Symposium seeks to present the current status of programs that are already advancing such endeavors.  It will include a Discussion on international partnerships for MSE Education in emerging areas such as nano-, bio- and eco- materials fields.  It will also include an open Forum on future strategies and priorities for MSE Education.  


Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

We invite submission of abstracts in all topics related to these ideas. Such topics include the following:

  • Keeping the curriculum broad, deep, current, and relevant to the emerging global needs.
  • Curricula balancing emerging topics and core fields.
  • Polishing the skills of educators for effective teaching and learning.
  • Innovative class modules, courses and resources.
  • Web based resources for reference and learning.
  • Continuing education in many forms.
  • Networking; distance learning.
  • Opportunities for international collaboration.
  • Global strategic needs for the future.
  • Outreach.  Fostering informed interactions with government, policy makers, industries, and legal and financial communities.

Invited speakers/talks (confirmed list):

Sérgio Mascarenhas (Univ Sao Paulo, SanCarlos)
Grant Norton (Washington State University)
Marcelo Knobel (Unicamp)
Andrea Medeiros Salgado (EQ/UFRJ)
Claudio Moura Castro
Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier (MPI-FKF Stuttgart)
Marcel Hubert Van de Voorde (Delft University)
Robert P.H. Chang (Northwestern University)
Luanna Lopes Lobato (UFG UFPE)
John E. E. Baglin (IBM Almaden Research Ctr)
Federico Rosei (INRS)
Luis Fuentes-Cobas (CIMAV)
Adelaide de Almeida (USP)
Victor Castano (UNAM)
Robert Lee Zimmerman (AAMU)

Scientific committee members:

To be informed.

Full papers: Symposium AA will publish full papers in a Special Issue of the archival, peer-reviewed "Journal of Materials Education". Manuscripts should be received by the Editor( baglin@almaden.ibm.com ) no later than October 24.

For instructions , please check link http://www.unt.edu/ICME/JME_Editors.html.

Symposium organizers:

John E. E. Baglin
IBM Almaden
Research Center
650 Harry Road, K10/D1
San Jose, CA 95120, USA

Phone: +1 408 927 2280
E-mail: baglin@almaden.ibm.com

M. Grant Norton
Washington State U.
School of Mech. and Mat. Engineering
P.O. Box 642920
Pullman, WA 99164-2929, USA

Phone: +1 509 335 4207
E-mail: mg_norton@wsu.edu

Elizabete F. Lucas
Instituto de Macromoléculas
Centro de Tecnologia, BJ
Ilha de Fundão - PO Box 68525
21945-970, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Phone: +55 21 2562 7033
E-mail: elucas@ima.ufrj.br





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