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Working hours:
8 to 12 a.m. and 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.
(Alexandre Dias and Laura Bertuzzi)



Registration Fees

Category Advanced payment After September 22, 2006
Professional Member of SBPMat or SBMM R$ 300,00 (US$ 150.00) R$ 350,00 (US$ 175.00)
Professional Non SBPMat or SBMM member R$ 400,00 (US$ 200.00) R$ 450,00 (US$ 225.00)
Students - Members of SBPMat or SBMM 1 R$ 100,00 (US$ 50.00) R$ 130,00 (US$ 65.00)
Students - Non SBPMat or SBMM members 2 R$ 150,00 (US$ 75.00) R$ 180,00 (US$ 90.00)

1 - SBPMat or SBMM annual fees (professionals) - R$ 60,00
2 – SBPMat or SBMM annual fees (students) - R$ 30,00

For non Brazil resident participants, the payment can be done at the Conference venue secretariat (Costão do Santinho Resort & SPA, Florianópolis), when the participant comes to the event. The discount will be given for those who register before september 22.

Conference dinner ticket (optional)
Students - R$ 40,00
Professional and companion - R$ 60,00

1) SBPMat On-line membership registration
To become a SBPMat member, go to “Filiação a SBPMat”, fill out the "on-line form" and click send (enviar).

2) SBPMat 2006 Annual Fee
SBPMat members can pay their 2006 annual fee by filling out the corresponding on-line form and submitting it by clicking send (enviar). Print the payment form and pay it at your bank up to its due final date, stated at "data de vencimento".

3) SBMM 2006 Annual Fee
Check instructions at http://www.sbmm.org.br/inscri.htm
For questions send e-mail to: inscricoes@sbpmat.org.br

4) Registrations to the Brazilian MRS Meeting 2006 via Internet
Internet System is closed

Participants of the 5th Brazilian MRS Meeting 2006 can register at www.sbpmat.org.br/5encontro only up to September 27. Later registration will be held at the Conference venue secretariat (Costão do Santinho Resort & SPA, Florianópolis), starting October 8, 2006 at 3:00 pm.

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