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A Prospective Study of Advanced Materials

The growing importance of advanced materials in most applications of every day life as well as on the advance of existing technologies has stimulated CGEE to develop a series of prospective studies aiming to increase the competitiveness of our industry and the rational utilization of our natural resources. The main goal of these studies is to provide directions for future R&D through a collective decision process that involves academy, government and industry. Accordingly, the results of these studies have also been incorporated in technological roadmaps which are being produced for specific industrial sectors. Recently, a prospective study on advanced materials has been initiated with a time horizon set on 2022.

Seven themes were selected to produce a list of R&D topics with potential to meet the conditions of industrial relevance and adequate technological maturity in the time frame chosen:

1) utilization of natural resources (mineral and biological);
2) energies for the future;
3) environmental remediation;
4) health quality;
5) dual technologies;
6) tribology and
7) photonic, electronic and magnetic materials.

The talk will present the current status of the prospective study and will highlight some of the results so far obtained.







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