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UFRGS Conference Center

Rua São Pedro, 663 - Center
Gramado, RS - Brasil
PO Box: 95670-000

UFRGS has a unique conference center with complete infrastructure for conferences, seminars, fairs and courses. Conveniently located, is near the best hotels and restaurants, and the Bus Terminal.

The facilities of the Convention Center include:

  • Internet access with dedicated connection
  • LAN and wireless networks
  • Air-conditioned auditorium with adequate acoustic
  • 5 auditoriums
  • 10 classrooms and meeting rooms
  • Pavilion with 4000m²
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking area

City data

Estimated population 31.655 (IBGE, 2007)

Area of territorial unit 237 Km²

Altitude 885m

Colonization: Italian and German Immigrants 

Placed in the heart of the Region of Hortênsias, the town was set up to be a touristic polo with the Best business and pleasures in the sector. As a consequence Gramado earned more investments that added to its natural beauty and structure a potential that surprises the people who still do not know the place.

With its fame and prestige, attracts visitors, confirms a high index of satisfaction – more than 90%. A consensus of loyalty that only few places have.

Gramado is that way, so special, unique, that seems a sin not to visit it.

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