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Symposium I: Sol-gel route to prepare new inorganic, hybrid and multifunctional materials

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Scope of the Symposium

The progress in obtaining new inorganic, hybrid or multifunctional materials depends on the development of synthesis techniques that allow a structural control at atomic and molecular scale. The sol-gel method, although very old, remains one of the most efficient and versatile techniques for this type of control. This symposium will focus on recent progress in the development of inorganic and organo-inorganic hybrid materials via sol-gel method. These materials present a huge variety of properties and functions, with applications in areas such as optics, electronics, electrochemistry, catalysis, energy among others.

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Inorganic materials made of silica, alumina, titania, zirconia or other oxides
  • Hybrid materials made of silica, alumina, titania, zirconia or other oxides
  • Nanocomposites
  • Polysilsesquioxane
  • Porous materials as: zeolites, foams, microporous and mesoporous, hierarchically structured
  • Alternative routes for sol-gel method (non aqueous reactions and others)
  • Characterization techniques for materials obtained by sol-gel method
  • Applications of sol-gel materials in: optics, sensors, catalysis, separation methods, electric materials, energy generation and storage, coatings, films and others

Symposium Proceedings

Participants and invited speakers are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts for the symposium proceedings to be published in JSST (Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology) in a special issue to be available later in The manuscripts should be written with the given journal format and they should be submitted to JSST no later than October 31, 2011.

Invited speakers (confirmed):

Bruce Dunn (Plenary Talk) (UCLA-USA), Celso Santilli (IQ-UNESP, SP), Edilson V. Benvenutti (IQ-UFRGS, RS), Karim Dahmouche (UFRJ, RJ), Kátia Jorge Ciuffi (Universidade de Franca, SP), Luís Antônio Dias Carlos (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal), Yuriy V. Kholin (National University, Ucrania).

Symposium Organizers

Márcia Russman Gallas (IF-UFRGS)
Tania Maria Haas Costa (IQ-UFRGS)
Fabiano S. Rodembush (IQ-UFRGS)
Leandra F. Campo ((IQ-UFRGS)
Sandra Helena Pulcinelli (IQ-UNESP)
Sidney J. L. Ribeiro (IQ-UNESP)
Marcia Carvalho de Abreu Fantini (IF-USP/SP)
Yoshitaka Gushikem (IQ-UNICAMP)

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