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Short courses

Dear participants of the X Brazilian MRS Meeting,

During the X Brazilian MRS Meeting the "School on techniques for materials characterization with synchrotron radiation", will be organized as a satellite to the Symposium N.  The school will consist of three short courses on the techniques XAFS, SAXS and XRD and will be held in parallel on 26th-28th September, from 3pm-6pm to minimize overlap with the other SBPMAT symposia.

The target participants are researchers and graduate students who are using or planning to use the techniques XAFS, SAXS and XRD in their research. The activities will consist of lectures on the principles and potentialities of the techniques, and tutorials and practical sessions on data analysis with programs representing the state-of-the-art for each technique.
The lectures and practical data analysis sessions will be taught in Portuguese.  Therefore, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking graduate students and researchers enrolled in the X Brazilian MRS Meeting are eligible to participate in the school. The number of participants in each course will be limited to 30. People interested in the schools must make a pre-registration by sending a motivation letter to the e-mail address “”, explaining their interest in participating in the school. There will be a selection of candidates, based on the letter of motivation and other criteria such as geographic distribution of participants. Those selected will be charged a participation fee of R$ 50.00 for students and R$ 100.00 for professionals.

The short courses will cover the following subjects (further details in the Portuguese version):
1)      X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) -  Organizer: Prof. Gustavo Azevedo
2)      Small Angle X-Ray Scattering and X-Ray reflectometry - Organizer: Prof. Guinther Kellermann
3)      Short course on the Rietveld method –  Organizer: Prof. Fabio Furlan

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