Registrations open!
Dead line:
Submission: 06/15
Acceptance: 07/18


Values of registration fee

until 07/31/2011

after 07/31/2011

Professional (SBPMAT member)

R$ 400.00
US$ 250.00

R$ 500.00
US$ 300.00

Professional (not member)

R$ 600.00
US$ 350.00

R$ 700.00
US$ 400.00

Postgraduate student (SBPMat member)

R$ 200.00
US$ 120.00

R$ 250.00
US$ 150.00

Postgraduate student (not member)

R$ 300.00
US$ 175.00

R$ 400.00
US$ 200.00

Undergraduate student (SBPMat member)



Undergraduate student (not member)

R$ 60.00
US$ 35.00

R$ 60.00
US$ 35.00

Accompanying persons

R$ 100.00
US$ 60.00

R$ 150.00
US$ 90.00

Registration open, click here to access the system.

The registration provides full access to the symposia, plenary lectures, opening ceremony, Program Book and other meeting material, internet WiFi access, coffee breaks and participation in the celebration of 10th anniversary of the Brazil MRS (SBPMat).

Registration as Accompanying Person allows participation in the opening ceremony and in the celebration of 10th anniversary of the Brazil MRS (SBPMat).

Reduced registration fee rates are offered until July 31, 2011 (see registration fees table in the meeting website).

Enrolled as students must submit proof copy of the document - which will be valid until the end of the event - by fax or e-mail ( to the Secretariat. If the participant does not submit this document will be marked on your registration form and start of the event will be charged the difference in value.

Clarifications about the registration: (read carefully before starting your application)

Form of payment: bank transfer or deposit, payable in any bank until the maturity date. After winning the second will be generated via the fetlock on this site, subject to payment of amounts updated in accordance with the timetable of the tariff. If youyou want to use another form of payment refer to the event secretary.

After payment of the docket is necessary to wait up to 2 days for the Bank to notify the Secretariat of the event. No need to send the docket fee required for the secretariat, will be sent an email advising the participant that the payment was effected. If the department does not get in touch by checking the payment and send an email to the same.

Maximum number of jobs per inscription: 2.

For submission of abstracts is not necessary to pay the application fee with invoice generation. Payment of Registration Fee can be made ​​anytime until the date of the event, according to the schedule of rates specified in the Table.

Data for deposit:

(ATTENTION: will only accept deposits identified with CPF or CNPJ)

To: Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisa em Materiais - SBPMAT
Address: Rua Marques de São Vicente, 225 - Parte - Gávea - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CNPJ: 05.030.601/0001-60
State Registration: Free
Registration City: 350353-4
Bank: Itau S / A (341)
Agency: 1108
Current Account: 35311-9

However, the summary submitted to be published in the Book of Abstracts of the Meeting will be necessary, after having been approved, at least one author pays the registration fee until the date of printing the Book of Abstracts (August 25, 2011 ).

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