Título Organizadores
A: Functional hybrid interfaces: from characterization to applications Welchy Leite Cavalcanti / IFAM - Alemanha
B: Ceramic and metallic materials obtained by wet-chemical methods Mary Alves / UEPB
C: Magnetic Materials Marcos Flavio de Campos / UFF
D: Organic Electronics and hybrids: materials and devices Ivan H. Bechtold / UFSC
E: Sol-Gel Materials: From Fundamentals to Advanced Applications Andrea S de Camargo / USP - São Carlos
F: Anti-fouling Materials and Coatings Mônica de Oliveira Penna / PETROBRÁS
G: Research Frontiers of Computer Simulations in Materials Science: Developments and Applications Juarez L. F. Da Silva / USP - São Carlos
H: Luminescent Materials Hermi F. Brito / USP
I: Beyond Graphene: Low-dimensional systems based on graphene and III-Nitrides Caio M.C. de Castilho / UFBA
J: IX Brazilian Electroceramics Symposium Daniel Zanetti / UFABC
K: Structure-Properties Relationship of Advanced Metallic Materials Leonardo Barbosa Godefroid / UFOP
L: Current Research in Energy Storage Systems Alexandre Urbano / UEL
M: Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine Carlos Jacinto da Silva / UFAL
Daniel Jaque García / UAM - Spain
N: Surface Engineering - functional coatings and modified surfaces Carlos Alejandro Figueroa / UCS
O: Multifunctional materials derived from clay minerals Maria Gardênnia da Fonseca / UFPB
P: Advanced Carbon Nanostructures and Composites Ana Flávia Nogueira / UNICAMP
Q: International Symposium on Cementitious Materials – ISCM2014 Sandro Torres / UFPB
L.Black/ U. LEEDS
R: Innovation and Technology Transfer Symposium Rodrigo Bianchi - UFOP
S: Advanced Materials B-MRS local commitee

SBPMat 2014