Instructions to authors

1) Abstracts must be written in English and submitted electronically. Each author is able to submit only 2 abstracts. There is no limit for the number of abstracts in which each one may be present as co-author;

2) Abstract must contain only the text with title, authors, affiliation, abstract, acknowledgements, references (up to three), being fulfilled directly in the site. The abstract, acknowledgements and references must be submitted together in the same field, with 2000 characters at most including space. Blank lines should not be left between abstract, acknowledgements and references;

3) All of the abstracts will be evaluated considering its technical-scientific characteristics, innovating aspect and quality of the text, being accepted for oral contribution, panel contribution or rejected. The preference of the author for the type of presentation (oral or panel) must be indicated at the moment of the electronic submission of the abstract;

4) If the author is a student and wants to concur to the award, he/she must also submit the extended abstract, with up to 3 pages in A4 format, edited according to the instructions and model presented in the site. The extended abstract must contain: title, authors, affiliation and text containing: abstract, introduction, experimental procedure, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements and references, figures and/or tables, both with legend. This extended abstract must be uploaded in pdf format, AFTER receipt of accepted work by the organizing committee;

5) The Best works of each Symposium, presented by post-graduation or graduation students, will receive an award from the organizing committee of the XIII B-MRS Meeting. The quality of the extended abstracts, scientific contribution and quality of the presentation will be considered as criteria for concession of the award;

6) Plenary lectures, invited speakers and oral contributions must be presented in English;

7) Panels must be edited in English (typical sizes of 90 x 120 cm);

8) The abstract book of the “XIII B-MRS Meeting” with the contributions presented during the Meeting will be available by digital media, being downloaded from the site of the Meeting or acquired in CD format by R$ 10,00;

9) Organizers of the Symposia must be consulted in relation to the possibility of submission and publication of papers in indexed journals;

Download model extended abstract (only those students who wish to apply for this award shall send the extended abstract)

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