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Meeting Dinner

Dinner followed by a live music session
Location: Salão Nobre of Casa Grande Hotel, on Tuesday, September 30th, from 08:30pm to 11:30pm.
Dinner fee:
-Undergraduate, master and PhD students: 40,00 R$.
-Other participants: 80,00 R$.
Those that will attend this social event should book it in advance, by filling this form

Program and schedule for oral and poster presentations
The program of the VII Brazilian MRS Meeting and the schedule for oral and poster presentations are now reported in "Program of Oral and Poster Presentations". The schedule for Plenary Lectures is also reported
Poster information
  Poster presentations must be displayed in English with a maximum 120cm x 90cm size (portrait orientation), and must correspond to the abstract number and day of presentation as will be detailed in the website. Posters may be mounted starting at 12:00 h on the scheduled day.

i) Next Friday, August 15th, is the deadline for payment of the registration fee at reduced rate. Afterwards there will be no discount, as already posted in the site of the VII Brazilian MRS Meeting (

ii) For inclusion in the official program, for the publication of the abstract in cd-rom, and to be scheduled in the poster sessions, at least one of the authors must pay the registration fee by August 15th.

iii) For abstracts with ALL AUTHORS belonging to foreign institutions, the registration, at reduced rate, will be allowed to be made at Guaruja, on the registration desk. In this particular case, for inclusion in the official program, for the publication of the abstract in cd-rom, and to be scheduled in the poster sessions, one of the authors should send an e-mail by August 15th, to, confirming the presentation and asking to make the registration on site.

Room's Location

Check the map with the room's location

  The EUDEVLAS workshop will follow the Symposium J "Applications of lasers in materials processing", and will be held on 1st October, 2008. The aim of this workshop is to find common interests between the European Union and Developing Countries in the field of laser technology and ideally to initiate new joint projects.
Late Abstracts submission postponed
  The Organizing Committee has decided to open the late abstract submission for the VII Meeting, from 15 June through 31 July, 2008, with the following conditions:
i) the accepted abstracts may only be presented as posters.
ii) at least one of the authors should pay the registration fee until 31 July, 2008.
iii) If the abstract is not accepted the author will be refunded.
Welcome to the site of the VII Braziian MRS Meeting
  Latest updates and the information from the meeting organizers.
Symposia in different areas of Material Science and Engineering
  The VII Annual Meeting of the Brazilian MRS will be held from September 28th to October 2nd at the Casa Grande Spa and Resort Hotel. The hotel is on Enseada Beach, Guarujá-SP, less than an hour drive from S. Paulo, Brazil's largest city. The chairpersons are Prof. Aldo Craievich from the University of S. Paulo and Prof. R. Muccillo from the Energy and Nuclear Research Institute, S. Paulo. The Program chair is Prof. Osvaldo N. de Oliveira Jr. from the University of S. Paulo at S. Carlos.
Guarujá-SP, Brazil:


The Brazilian MRS Meeting, in its seventh edition, is an event that provides the interaction among researchers, students and entrepeneurs interested in the development of Materials Science and Engineering.





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