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Symposium P

Wet-chemical preparation and applications of metal oxides

Scope of the Symposium

The synthesis of inorganic materials is a very important area of research and play a key role in many fields?ceramics, catalysts, medicines, food, etc. The preparation method is the base for improving knowledge about the composition, morphology and dimensions scale of the materials, consequently this is crucial for the observed properties. In the last years, much effort has been taken to increase the quality and functionality of different metal oxides, since in the form of thick films or powder properly. The morphology and scale of active materials are essential and it must be the starting point for the control of the functional parameters of the final device. The desire to approach certain properties of these materials has naturally prompted research in the design and synthesis of metal oxides, consisting of both conventional and new ones, which display potential utility in applications, including pigments, catalytic conversions, photocatalysis, chemical sensors, photovoltaics or new emerging areas. In this context, the methods of preparation of these materials, have become the object of study of the scientific community because they play an important role in the obtained properties, which has favored the numerous applications . In this symposium, researchers are invited to present summaries reporting the influence of synthesis on the structural and morphological properties of materials, as well as their applications.

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas

  • ? Materials with differentiated morphologies by chemical synthesis ? Synthesis of core-shell systems ? Thin films obtained by chemical solution deposition ? Oxides obtained from wet chemical methods ? Properties and applications of metal oxides

Invited speakers
  • Profª. Drª. Ieda Maria Garcia dos Santos
    (UFPB) [To be confirmed]
  • Profº Drº. Carlos Alberto Paskocimas
    (UFRN) [To be confirmed]
  • Profª. Drª. Maria Gardênia da Fonseca
    (UFPB) [To be confirmed]
  • Profº Drº. Maurício Bomio
    (UFRN) [To be confirmed]
  • Andre Galembeck
    (UFPE) [To be confirmed]

Symposium Organizers
  • Mary Cristina Ferreira Alves (UEPB)
  • Sayonara Andrade Eliziário (UFPB)


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