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Symposium M

Novel sintering processes in Materials Science

Scope of the Symposium

To gather researchers and students pursuing research on sintering. Emphasis will be put on the application of non-conventional sintering techniques, such as electric-field assisted pressureless sintering, spark plasma sintering, flash sintering, flash spark plasma sintering, microwave sintering, laser sintering, two-step sintering, and cold sintering.

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas

  • Mechanisms, microstructural evolution, in situ measurements, nanostructured x microstructure materials, modeling and simulation, scaling from the lab up.
  • Spark plasma sintering; flash spark plasma sintering
  • Electric field-assisted sintering; flash sintering
  • Microwave sintering
  • Laser sintering
  • Fast firing sintering
  • Two-step sintering
  • Cold sintering

Invited speakers
  • A. G. L. Prette
    (Lucideon, UK) [To be confirmed]
  • R. Raj
    (University of Colorado) [To be confirmed]
  • E. Dickey
    (NCSU, USA) [To be confirmed]
  • D. Gouvêa
    (University of S. Paulo, Brazil) [To be confirmed]
  • M. Cologna
    (European Research) [To be confirmed]
  • C. Randall
    (Penn State University, USA) [To be confirmed]
  • J.A. Eiras
    (Federal University of S. Carlo, Brazil) [To be confirmed]
  • V. Sglavo
    (University of Trento, Italy) [To be confirmed]
  • I. F. Machado
    (University of S. Paulo, Brazil) [To be confirmed]
  • R. Todd
    (University of Oxford, UK) [To be confirmed]
  • M. Reece
    (Queen Mary University, UK) [To be confirmed]
  • N. Vaidhya
    (Loughborough University, UK) [To be confirmed]
  • J.-M. Lebrun
    (Saint Gobain, UK) [To be confirmed]
  • Hiroto Nakaya
    (Materials Research Institute - Pennsylvania State University (EUA) and Engineering R & D Group, NGK Spark Plug Co., LTD (Japan)) [To be confirmed]

Symposium Organizers
  • Reginaldo Muccillo (Energy and Nuclear Research Institute-Federal University of ABC)
  • André G.L. Prette (Lucideon, UK)


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