The award Bernhard Gross is a recognition of Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS) for the best oral and the best poster contributions of each symposium presented at the annual meeting of the society. The choice is made by a committee selected by the coordinators of each symposium. Below the list of winners of the XIV B-MRS edition of the meeting (2015). Note: (i) some of the symposia had only award the best oral or best poster; (ii) symposia AA, E, I, J, P and T had no work selected; (iii) the symposium R (ISOS-8) to be a satellite event had only invited papers, and didn’t participate of the award.


Abstract code Symposium Category Author Title
AQSD M Poster Lucas Kling e Silva Magnetic characterization of steels AISI A 366, AISI S 235 and AISI 304 using Bitter tecnic ( Ferrofluid)
AVTP O Oral Daniel Bahro Understanding The External Quantum Efficiency of Organic Homo-Tandem Solar Cells Utilizing a Three-Terminal Device Architecture


Abstract code Symposium Category Author Title
AQBV A Oral Guilherme Monteiro Torelly Probing the deposition of ultra-thin InAs layers on GaAs and their evolution towards the nucleation of 3D InAs islands
ATCF A Poster Raquel da Silva Brito Application of Natural Dyes of Brazilian Cerrado in the assembling Dye-sensitized solar cell
ASEE B Poster Caio José Perecin Magnetite Nanoparticles Encapsulated with PCL and Poloxamer by Nano Spray Drying technique
AQCG C Poster Aline Marques de Oliveira A Comparison Study on Nanomembranes for Oil Spill Clean-up Devices – The Tea-bag Like Configuration Case
AQEP D Oral Victor Raúl Jauja Cana Development of electrochemical sensor of glassy carbon electrode modified with Hap-MWCNT composite by electrophoretic deposition for detection of trace cadmium
ASEP D Poster Rebecca Faggion Albers Synthesis and characterization of graphene and graphene/nanoparticles composites obtained from graphene oxide reduction direct by the modified polyol process
AVQF F Oral Eloísa Berbel Manaia ZnO/ZnS mixed structures obtained by sol-gel process
AQ4K F Poster Rodrigo Morais Menezes dos Santos XAS/WAXS in situ study of LDH thermal decomposition and recovery
APTS G Poster Ramón Raudel Peña Garcia Thickness effects in the properties of hexagonal array of nanosized Ni hollow-spheres
APKK K Oral Bruno M. Serafim Electrospinning activation of highly porous PMMA microfibers for diagnostic applications
AV2V K Poster Fernanda Guerra Lima Medeiros Borsagli Effect of sugarcane bagasse composition in an array of pet in thermal morfology and mechanical evaluation for subsequent application as an insulator
AR2C M Oral Lucas Pintol Nishikawa Quenching and Intercritical Tempering of Microalloyed Pipeline Steel
AQSD M Poster Lucas Kling e Silva Magnetic characterization of steels AISI A 366, AISI S 235 and AISI 304 using Bitter technic (Ferrofluid)
ARGX N Oral Elaine Cavalcanti Rodrigues Vaz Spectroscopic Characterization of Functionalized CNT as Nano-antennas in Light Conversion Nanostructured Devices
ARR4 N Poster Airton G. B. Junior Structural and optical properties optimization of Ba2SiO4:Eu3+(5%) red nanophosphor obtained via sol-gel route for white LED application
ATDW O Oral Rafael dos Santos Carvalho Influence of intramolecular spin-orbit coupling on organic magnetoresistance effect
AQDC O Poster Bruno Rostirolla P3HT:PCBM based metal-insulator -semiconductor capacitors under visible light stimulation
APNK Q Poster Osmando Ferreira Lopes Controlled Synthesis of BiVO4 Photocatalysts: Evidence of the Role of Heterojunctions on their Photocatalytic Activity driven by Visible-Light
APFV S Oral Daniel Muniz Oliveira Obtainment and characterization of a new polymer formulation based on sodium alginate and fish scales suitable for extended release of herbicides
ARKK S Poster Marco Antonio Voinarovicz Chemical Solution for Recycling of Long Life Packaging
ARPW V Oral Ronaldo José Farias Corrêa do Amaral Platelet-rich plasma modulates mesenchymal stromal cells chondrogenesis in collagen-hyaluronic acid scaffolds according to concentration
ASKD V Poster Andrei Sakai Tumorigenic cell membrane characterization trough nanostructured thin films: influence of the lipid composition upon biochemical signaling
ASMS W Poster Isadora S. Deschamps Bioabsorbable scaffolds based on β-TCP and polymer used in oral implantology
ANT2 X Oral Maiara Emer Nanoparticle-bacteria interaction study based on surface functionalization of nanometric structures
ATK2 X Poster Geovânia Cordeiro Assis Polystyrene Nano-foams impregnated with SnO2 nanoparticles by TIPS: Application in heterogeneous photocatalysis
AQF4 Y Poster Natália Noronha Ferreira pH-responsive alginate-based hydrogel for bevacizumab delivery system: rheological study
A2SG WS1 Poster Bruno Santos de Oliveira Enhancing Manufacturing Process of Template-Stripped Gold Pyramids for Near-Field Optical Microscopy