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Symposium D: Advanced Powder Technology

Scope of the symposium

      Advances on powder synthesis and processing have driven forward innovate fabrication of a wide variety of both traditional and novel industrial components. The intrinsic technological and economical advantages on the large scale use of powdered materials and the advances on powder technology have largely contributed to the development of the applied science for the ceramic and metal industry, including automotive, electromechanical, structural and technical ceramics, electronics, appliances, and pigments, to name a few. This symposium has traditionally promoted a multidisciplinary environment for undergoing work presentation and information exchange regarding recent advances on the synthesis, processing, characterization and uses of ceramic and metal powdered materials. The scientific program of the symposium includes invited lecturers in addition to both oral and poster presentations covering the most relevant areas related to particulate materials.

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following topics:

Symposium organizers

Antonio Eduardo Martinelli (UFRN, Natal, RN, Brazil)

Antonio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira (UFSC, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil)

Cristiano Binder (UFSC, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil)

Rubens Maribondo do Nascimento (UFRN, Natal, RN, Brazil)

Invited speakers (confirmed)

Frank A. Müller (Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany)

Paula A. Rojas Saperas (Universidade Católica de Valparaiso, Chile)

Jens Günster (BAM, Berlin, Germany)

Jairo Arturo Escobar Gutierrez (Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia)

Scientific committee members (tentative list)

Antonio Eduardo Martinelli (UFRN, Brazil)

Francisco Castro (CEIT - San Sebastian, Spain)

Paula A. Rojas Saperas (Universidade Católica de Valparaiso, Chile)

Rubens Maribondo do Nascimento (UFRN, Brazil)

Cristiano Binder (UFSC, Brazil)

Jairo Escobar (UNIANDES, Colômbia)

Antonio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira (UFSC, Brazil)

Lucio Salgado (Metallum-SP, Brazil)

Lirio Schaeffer (UFRGS, Brazil)

Frank Clemens (EMPA, Suisse)

Carlos P. Bergmann (UFRGS, Brazil)

Mauricio Mhirdaui Peres (UFRN, Brazil)

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